Waterproof Manila

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The unstoppable climate change has already ravaged Manila and nearby cities and we all know how it went over the east portion. Floods reaching 10 feet or more suddenly filled up the streets and unfortunately killed hundreds of people. Flood water came from everywhere and posh villages that were once the envy of other people just came out to be filthy and full of mud. It was a very depressing site to see. The hardest thing was I have friends and family in that area. I also had some of my peers from work there too. Their families were all victims too. I hate the fact that there were also kids and grandparents who suffered the same fate as they did. No one was actually spared of the horror where a whole month's worth of rain fell down that area in 2 hours. Flood gates from major dams were also opened without warning people down the line. Ultimately it would have taken them a couple of hours to do it or maybe minutes using public television. Waterproofing Basement Walls was not a usual thing in this part of the world so it was doubly hard to clean houses which had lower floors. Now in this disaster we had to learn a lot about taking care of the environment. I wish there was some way to reverse climate change and I hope it would all be done now.

I am happy though that no one I know was hurt. They might have lost a lot of properties and things but life is important. Above all, I would really like for people to make sure their homes are safe. I want to help them make the effort to have everything protected and get information how to take care of themselves when the next worst thing happens. There are lots of information on the Internet sites like Article Alley and GOOGLE so a mere search would really make a difference. Being informed is the best thing against any calamity. It would save lives more than what we know.


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