Happy Easter! =)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Here are photos from my cam =)

Photos from my BB =)

Hi guys! I know it's kinda late for me to do this but since the occasion calls for it I would like to greet you all a very Happy Easter!

I went out and got my blackberry and Trish (my Camera) and shot around my neighborhood to see what was happening... well actually I just didn't really have anything to do so I shot just about anyone and anything LOL. Just look at the pics I got from my BB last Good Friday. The commonly busy streets of Eastwood, Cubao and Edsa just became deserted. Taxi drivers say they are kinda bankrupt during these days. If they did decide to travel on these days where most catholics either stay at home or go out of the metro and spend time in beaches then they wouldn't be able to even earn the boundary price.

I know it is a busy weekend for some but of course I on the other hand chose to stay at home and spend some time with my family. Aside from that we went to church so I'd be able to at least get some of the sins off of me LOL. I wonder if it did make a difference. Anyway, I like the time I spent with Mom there and taking photos randomly on the street was fun even if I was a lone. Maybe I should do this often... I dunno, should I?! Let me know and comment on this post. Is it okay for me to at least make the lone photowalks regularly?!


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