Smart Launches Newest Innovation: The Smart Bro Dashboard

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Smart, the nation's leading communications provider always wants you to be at the forefront of technology. Other than that, they want your experience to be at your ultimate convenience that's why they've been coming up with new products and projects to make that a reality. Just this week Smart Bro announce their latest innovation called the Smart Bro Dashboard.

This means that you can now easily access the information about of your broadband accounts. This includes seeing your own SIM card's number, your current load balance, promo subscriptions and its validity plus broadband packages which you can subscribe to and see the date when it expires. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of their new service called "Load Protect" which you can use to avoid unwanted charges so you know whether or not to allow data charges when your subscription expires. Now you'll be informed and given warning if you want to subscribe again. 

Ms. Michele Curran, the Data and International Services Marketing Head of Smart Communications says "With the Smart Bro Dashboard, we've taken the guesswork out of managing your prepaid load and subscribing to our latest broadband promos. It also makes users online experience easy and convenient so they can enjoy super fast broadband internet whenever and wherever they want!"

They've spent the last few years taking care and modernizing the network. Doing that means they have to also start modernizing the existing software platforms and make that be useful by their subscribers. You can even already see that each time a Smart Prepaid balance check is done. Now it's more detailed and changed because of it. This is an innovation that they have worked on for quite a while. The new SMART BRO DASHBOARD will be a huge convenience to everyone that lives and breathes the Smart Bro service. 

Shane Dimagiba Senior Product Manager of Smart
 Mr. Shane Dimagiba Senior Product Manager of Smart says "This is what we do to make your online experience made easier. We are addressing the common problems of subscribers and putting them in one account management tool. Now, it's easier to know your number, buy packages, have load protect features  (which is ON by default) and know the number of minutes left on your internet connection."

 This will be the splash page where you will be redirected every time you would need to access the Smart Bro Dashboard. Subscribe to almost all their services at a click of a button. You can also buy packages with their partners and set up WIFI connections with the most common phones and devices using their step by step instructions and wizards. The Smart Bro Dashboard also is the place to change your WIFI password or Network name all in the same tool. No need to get complicated if you need to do so. Oh and yes, there's free Facebook and Twitter too through SmartNet! Woohoo!

 As far as I know, the other networks haven't even though about that yet. You can check out for more information. Need I say more?


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