Allen Dizon Stars In Kamkam (Greed)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Allen Dizon stars as Johnny, a man who revolves around a community laden with drugs, gambling, illegal activities and modern concubines.
I never watch Filipino films on an ordinary day, but I did a few days ago with the invitation of some friends from GMA and Heaven's Best who produced the film. I didn't expect much because I always had a weird notion about pinoy films, but when I heard that this was a Joel Lamangan masterpiece, I knew I had to watch it.

Kamkam (Greed) talks about Sitio Kamkam. A community where the poor indulge in everything illegal. From water and electrical connections, to pot sessions, gambling and womanizing was a norm. Johnny ruled the streets and there were a handful of people who could go against him. The Barangay Captain and his men, the court of law and probably a few paid policemen. It delves on what we often call normal in some communities in the Philippines. There's an utter disregard to ethics, professionalism and even human life.

Jean Garcia, Sunshine Dizon and Jackie Rice plays as Johhny's wives. They (Jean and Sunshine) get along quite well but when the third wife arrived, he favored her more than the others. Jealousy ensued, family ties got severed and it wasn't a pretty picture. Their son's and daughters in some way also had their own issues come in between. the performances of Lucho Ayala and Joyce Ching were a revelation here so you must watch how their story makes the situation more complex for their Father.

Allen Dizon says yes, there was initially some awkwardness when they shot the film because the roles just required a few adult scenes with his wives. Other than that, it's also the first time that he got to work with these ladies too. He was also impressed with his co actors in this film and adds even the kids did quite well for the most. He also mentioned that people will be able to relate with each character because they'll all see themselves with them at one point. The closeness of the characters with real life is astounding and people will appreciate how much they've portrayed some of the good and bad things that Filipinos are accustomed to. Another thing that I'm very fond of is the role of award winning actor Jim Pebanco as Johnny's gay best friend. He presents a comedic, touching and supportive persona that would want Johnny's life easy. The thing is, they found Johnny's body one day... floating lifeless in the river. Who would do such a thing? Why would a man who only wanted to provide for his family find his untimely demise. You better find out why on July 9, 2014 as it shows on selected theaters nationwide!

This also stars Emilio Garcia, Elizabeth Oropesa, Jim Pebanco, Joyce Ching, Lucho Ayala, Rita De Guzman, Hiro Peralta and Kerbie Zamora. This is written by Jerry Gracio and of course Directed by Joel C. Lamangan by Heaven's Best Productions. See how this daring, dramatic film unfold the story about greed in so many ways.


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