Nescafe: What's your fresh start?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

We often go to coffee shops and pay a lot to get a dose of these wonderful grounded beans, but we usually go home and get contented with a cup of Nescafe, always, all the time. It's the single thing that makes us realize that there is goodness in something small. Something that is full flavored as they painstakingly spend time with these beans through slow roast. It becomes fuller bodied, richer, a tad sweeter. You can't rush that. You have it in the morning, because you always want a fresh start.

What's even greater news is that you can now get that same experience in every pack of Nescafe Classic. Sit down with your folks and talk about how the day went. Talk to your friends and see what memories can come down on a cup of coffee. It's these things that count. 

The greatness lies in each coffee bean and this is what Nescafe Classic wants us to understand. The care they put into the process and how they want us to never ever see coffee "the same way again" is a very high standard to achieve. They didn't force us to have this everyday in our breakfast table but we do, because the tough is in the putting. It is this good that we choose this than other brands in the market. You can't discount the fact that Nescafe has been with us for 75 years. Their celebration isn't about big parties or massive concerts, they just make do with introducing to you the reason why they have lasted that long with the Filipino people. It's the coffee bean and we appreciate them more because of that. Now, you will get to see your coffee in a different light. You can enjoy it more in every pack that you buy off the grocery/store. You are not shortchanged because you know how special brew you make in each cup. Now ask yourself, what's your fresh start? :)


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