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Thursday, June 19, 2014

When the sign says so, it probably means what it is. This is the day that we went to MAD FOR PIZZA at IL TERRAZO in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. It's a stones throw away from ABSCBN and the Boy Scout monument too. This is rarely new and they've got the star of the show emphasized on the day of my visit. The Pizza choices were enormous! Aside from that, you can probably have it made and customized as you want it. Toppings all you want! You are the boss!

The Drinks

I only saw three or four drinks on out table. I ordered the Bottomless Iced Tea and got to also taste the Salted Caramel Milkshake. I must tell you to order the frozen version of the Iced Tea since it's a tad better than this normal one. The serving is ginormous though to for the price, it's worth it. The Salted Caramel Milkshake was good too, but make sure you go to this place with an empty stomach because they have it all BIG in this joint. It's a sweet treat!

Salads and Starters

Freshly made Hawaiian Salad that's both sweet and crunchy would be best for those watching their weight. The Nachos were as fresh as they make it on the spot when you order it. You can even feel it hot after they pour the cheese, beef bits and salsa. The Disco Fries was an even better alternative because it had all the good characteristics of the nachos but the filling ability of fries. I had second servings of this so you know how good that must have felt LOL. The Fish and Chips was also good but I must say you have to eat it while its hot. It tends to be soggy if you let it out that long, but really who wouldn't finish the plate right after they put it on your table.

Making the Pizza!

They got the rested dough, put it on the table and rolled with flour. Spread it on the plate and added their own designed pizza sauce.

They've got 4 types of cheese. The toppings are enough to feed a whole city. Well you just have enough space of course so make sure you choose the ones you love. I'm a meat person so I did splurge a little on the cold cuts. As you can see, there's a ton to choose from. You only have your imagination to limit you.

After deciding on your toppings, laying them all on the plate... you have to ask the friendly staff to put it inside the oven. Wait for a few minutes and you'll have your personalized pizza that only MAD FOR PIZZA can bring!

The crust is thin and crunchy, the melted cheese was heavenly and if you did the same thing that I did with the protein, you'll love it just like I did!

This is their Beef Stew Pasta. The beef flavor definitely envelopes the Rigatoni pasta which is more on the herby-tangy side so this is best for adults. You should get the Bolognese, the Carbonara and Mac and Cheese for the kids.

The Tennessee Pork Ribs was okay. I think they did a short rub, but didn't taste it quite all the way to the meat. It's still good to have with rice and quite comforting.

This is their Amboy Angus Beef Belly in Adobo Sauce. Heavenly. This is my favorite thing on their menu bar none. No contest.

Their Bannoffee Cubbler (yes they spelled it that way) and Panna Cota was good. If I were to choose between the two, the Bannoffee Cubbler would probably be the best. The sweet, chocolatey and caramely flavor profile is just the perfect way to end the meal.

It's new and it's right around the corner, Mad For Pizza would probably be the best if you want choices. Heck they've got one of the best pizzas this side of town. It would be worth the trip if you live elsewhere so I hope you get to visit them at IL TERRAZO's second floor. You then can say that you'll be "Mad For Pizza".


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