How NOT To Miss The NBA Finals

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In a land composed of 7,107 islands, 96.1 Million people and streets lined up with basketball courts in almost every street corner, I guess the world has taken notice that the Philippines is also crazy about the NBA Finals. In my timeline alone, I've seen friends place bets, boyfriends and girlfriends take sides and siblings not talking anymore on the dinner table. Two things, you are either a Spurs fan (like me)... or for Miami Heat (who we think is going to lose Game 3 *insert your sad face here*). Not everyone gets to watch the games because it is streamed live in the morning. It also happens right when everybody is already at work. Ha!

You won't be able to concentrate on what you're doing. Since the standing is already 1-1, the games 3 & 4 is happening in Miami and you still have no idea if Kahwi Leonard and Chris Bosh will step up the plate or improve their free throw shots, you just have to know who will win game number 3. Well lo and behold since it's a work day... so you can't file your hard earned leave credits just for that plus imagine the pile of documents that'll end up on your table the next day. Well, how about if I tell you there's actually a way to watch the FINALS... LIVE, ON DEMAND and in HD? Here's how...

1.) Just go to and choose to use Smart Prepaid, Postpaid or Smart Bro Prepaid/Postpaid plans.

2.) Make sure you have enough Prepaid load on your account. If you are on Post Paid, it'll reflect on your next bill. Go to and click on the NBA League Pass logo as seen below.

3.) It will redirect you to a loading page, remember this is only exclusive for Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular. Choose the denomination and press Add to Cart, choose Checkout then input your Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular number.

4.) After submitting your number, it'll send you a verification code. Send this particular verification code to 3161. Once it's successful, it'll send you the Promotion Code through SMS together with the purchase details. Go to and see the instructions how to watch the games. Noticed anything? You didn't even HAVE a credit card for this transaction yet you can watch and purchase this service. Isn't that amazing?

Now all I've gotta do is to wait for the game to start. The site also has the schedules on it so all you need to do is wait for 9PM Eastern Standard Time. In the mean time, you can enjoy the Finals Game 3 Preview which contains an analysis of Game 2 and things to look out for (like players and plays) on Game 3 in Miami. It's going to be a tough one for the Spurs since the Miami Heat hasn't lost a single game in their turf. The home court advantage is there but remember, the Spurs already did beat them in Game 1. The testosterone levels are creeping in. If you missed the next few games, you won't be sad because you can always watch it on HD without even using your credit cards. Unless you swiped and bet against the Spurs of course! :P

One good thing is that Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular let's you experience this and more on mobile LTE plans too because they are the Official Mobile Broadband Partners of the NBA!

As for me... My mobile phone and tablet is ready with NBA GAME TIME.

NBA Game Time is available in Apple Store and Google Play

See you at the games! It's starting... and I'm gonna watch this all on HD! The Spurs is also leading! Awesome! :) 

/*Credits to photos belong to NBA, their owners and not mine.

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