An Afternoon of Solaire Mixology

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We had the chance to roam around inside Solaire a couple of days ago to try out some of the drinks they have in their restaurants. The activity included some pretty good exercises on how to make them and I got to mix drinks right off the bat. Yes, we were a little overwhelmed but I think we did get the hang of it.

We poured Bourbon, Chambord, Cherry Herring and Cranberry Martini into the shaker with ice. Then poured the whole thing in a martini glass and put the mango-pomegranate foam on top. This is a sweet cocktail called Duchess. It would be a pretty good starter if you're with friends and starting the night young.

This one is a Margarita with Agave Caviar Pearls. It's made with a mix of Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, Lime Juice and Demerara Sugar. I usually have this frozen but their version is a bit fancy since they put in those floating thingies on top. I love the contrast and how it tasted. It's a bit unusual because the pandan like taste was present so you can't really imagine that with ordinary margaritas. It is really special.

This one's called Smoked Russian. It's got Vodka that is infused with smoke from hickory chips, tobacco infused Kahlua, giving it a darker profile. Stir the cocktail with a cinnamon stick and you've got it made. I love dark ones because it's more masculine, I'm not a fan of the sweet ones.

This is the more refreshing one, this is the Aged Negroni. The cute sphere made of ice was made in a 500,000 peso worth machine that uses normal weight to shape things like that. Amazing no? It's got Campari, Campano Antica and Hendrick Gin. It's got whisky/rum aged in a small oak barrel for 30-35 days. It's so good, I'm willing to have around 3 rounds of this! LOL!

We even made our own signature cocktails and the distinguished managers of Solaire's F&B team judged who got the best ones made. Unfortunately, I LOST... but it's all good! I still love the drink I made that afternoon and named it after KUMAGCOW.COM. That was an amazing experience!

Thank you so much to Solaire, their bartenders and the whole F&B team! This Solaire Mixology experience just made me realize I haven't been going around Solaire that much. Just think, there are around 8 restaurants and bars in that single building and I haven't experienced them all yet. There are more things to discover in this part of Manila so I am surely coming back for more! Drinks and cocktails will be customized in every restaurant so that means you'll have the best experience whenever and wherever you choose to dine in Solaire.

Might I suggest this upscale steakhouse called STRIP that's got a pretty impressive wine collection and cellar right smack in the middle of the restaurant. Or if you fancy other spots...

You can also try YAKUMI that's got great sushi specialties, a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish that's never frozen because they have no freezers. They only use the best ingredients in this part of Solaire. If you want a more oriental place...

Red Lantern that has impressive interiors for a Chinese/Asian inspired restaurant can be a place of refuge for those who want a family style setting. I'm loving Solaire and their other restaurants that I haven't featured in the restaurant yet. Who knows, I might just do that soon!

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