Time To Revisit Heaven and Eggs!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Group shot courtesy of Ruth, Ruthilicious.com. That's Rodel Flordeliz, Earth Rullan and Reg Tolentino.

I've been a regular in this establishment when their store in Eastwood City was still open. I guess they closed down and concentrated on more well earning stores as a business strategy, which makes sense. Together with my other blogger friends, we visited their branch in Glorietta 4 a few days ago. I was there to 1. Check if the food is still that good, 2. To see if my friends would still love it and 3. To see if there's something new in this joint. The Heaven and Eggs branch still carries that rockstar vibe they initiated a few years ago. As with the old look, I got the consensus that we all miss it. You remember that sky blue interior with clouds and cherubs all over it? The good news is, that they are highly considering to bring that back and get a more heavenly vibe since they are an all day breakfast place.

The Food

The food choices was considerably kept in tact because this is what customers want in this place. It's something that we would love to have; like true blue comfort food - one which you can have all day, every day!

Steak and Eggs

Think of mouthwatering perfectly grilled 8 ounce USDA grade rib eye steak served with 2 whole eggs, hash brown and buttered corn kernels. They have experience cooking things like these so it is as lovely as you can imagine it to be. Soft to the bite and had minimal seasoning, prolly simple salt and pepper as a major part of it. The gravy, hmmm... it's not to salty so it goes well with the steak. Pinoys would probably want rice with this but naturally because this is a big cut of steak, we don't have to. Really good. This is Steak and Eggs.

Classic Eggs Benedict

This is their Classic Eggs Benedict. Think of thick sweet and savory Forest Ham slices, lightly toasted English Muffin, soft poached eggs, asparagus spears and smothered with hollandaise sauce. This is also served with super crunchy naturally cut shoestring potatoes. This is the favorite of expats and foreigners when inside the Heaven and Eggs store. The all day breakfast is a reality, they've proven that with this awesome offering. Add salt if you prefer.

Two Eggs Any Style
Simple yet essential, they have this dish called Two Eggs Any Style. You are the boss, you are the captain of your journey, you are the master of your destiny. This is why they are letting you choose how to cook your eggs. If you want to have it easy, sunny side-up, scrambled or poached, that's how they'll make it. This is also served with breakfast sausage, golden crisp bacon and toast. It's complete, and so good in so many levels. Don't tell them I ate most of the bacon!

Pinoy Big Breakfast

 This is the Pinoy Big Breakfast! It's what I ordered because I miss the Tapa I enjoyed in Eastwood City. This did not disappoint.

I also specified how I want my sunny side up egg to be cooked. I wanted it soft and runny so when I break the yolk on top of the hot rice, it's gonna be perfect! They did it exactly the way I wanted it to e that evening.

I'm telling you, the tapa was so soft and I wanted a kilo of it. Mix the rice with this and vinegar, it's a done deal!

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
A homey serving of pancakes topped with apples, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and toasted walnuts drizzled with maple syrup, this is their Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. It could be categorized as dessert and might as well be shared after a good meal. We liked it but look at the other one we ordered!

Fruity Tootie Waffles. The name implies all the great fruit compotes and whipped cream goodness in one plate. That's exactly what we had. I loved the strawberry while the others had the kiwi, blueberry and mangoes. I thought we were already done with the meal but when this was served... I knew it was the perfect thing to end this evening. Though I know there's more to Heaven and Eggs pretty soon. They'll be undergoing a lot of changes in the next few weeks and probably open a couple more stores in major malls soon. You better brace yourself for a dreamy Heaven and Eggs store near you soon!

Oh and before I forget, they have Unlimited Steak on their menu too. You should definitely check that out!


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Heaven and Eggs Glorietta 4
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