Richard Gutierrez and Lauren Young for Overtime: The Premier

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Stars of Overtime Richard Gutierrez and Lauren Young
I haven't been to a Filipino movie since a few months ago when I was actually forced to watch that corny comedy film (that will remain unnamed), I felt it was a product of run of the mill hype and I didn't like it. I felt like I lost hope in the film industry. A few days ago, we were invited to attend the premier of Overtime, a film directed by Wincy Ong and Earl Ignacio under GMA Films. I didn't expect much because of the previous one I watched, I just don't like films that are not well thought out. This however surprised me (genre wise) and the rest of the people who watched it that evening, I'll tell you why.

Other stars such as the gorgeous Thea Tolentino, good looking and tall Juancho Trivino, crooner Mikoy Morales and the stunning Ms. World and sister to the lead star of this film Megan Young was also there showing their support.

Without spilling any beans on the story, Overtime is about a hacker terrorizing a lady at work. He doesn't believe in their cause, nor does he think they are doing the right thing. The beginning of the story delves around establishing their relationship first. The exhilarating and suspense filled sequences followed (when he wanted to do something about where Jody works) then a dollop of comedy antics hit every turn (a must see is Bearwin Meaily and Mitch Valdez). We thought we were watching a different movie because it wasn't a full suspense film anymore but more of a dark comedy. I haven't seen anything made that way in Philippine cinemas so that alone is a good thing. Other than that, Richard would be totally different that even if you are a fan... you'll hate and curse at him a bit. That's how good he is. Lauren too did so good, she also registers so gorgeous on screen. It's like an indie film to tell you honestly because they did experiment quite a bit. The plot could have had minor adjustments to make it real but I think it worked out pretty well for their purpose. The story is fast paced and we did attentively listen to it. It's not boring. You'll be at the edge of your seats on some instances and turn blue on some very deadly but funny scenes. You have to find out what I'm talking about by watching it this July 2nd on cinemas nationwide!

How can you not fall in love with a face like this. Proud Mom to Zion, Ms. Sarah Lahbati was there to fully support her husband Richard Gutierrez.

Raymond Gutierrez
Ms. Annabelle Rama and Eddie Gutierrez
Richard plays Dom and Lauren is Jody. Lovers at first turned hostage, good samaritan turned kidnapper. 
Please don't hesitate to watch the movie "Overtime" this July 2 on cinemas nationwide! This is under GMA Films. A thing that might make you hate Richard Gutierrez... but it's gonna be all worth it!


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