Louise Delos Reyes: On Coming Home

Friday, July 11, 2014

When I met Louise Delos Reyes in Prive a few years back, I didn't know she'd actually be this big. She's done countless shows already - and the support that her GMA management has done all these years just proves her worth. They continue to trust her because she's steadfastly showed how much she loves her craft. I've also had the chance to interview her co actors in the past and one common thing that I've heard from them is their praises on how Louise knows what she's doing. I couldn't say that to most artists... she's a gem in this station.

A few days ago, we got to tag along with her in her home town of Tanza, Cavite. This was specifically in Saint Augustine School, a private institution where she spent her primary and secondary education. She introduced us to some of her former Professors and toured us around where she practically grew up. Being an Agustinian was definitely a huge part of who she is today. The place isn't as posh as institutions in Manila but it was the best one in their town. I think she regularly goes here even if she already graduated because almost everyone still knows her in and out of the school. She had to stop several times to say hi to them, she says it really keeps her humble, puts her feet on the ground. 

As usual, we were a bit off a beaten path. We learned a casual walk around the campus didn't really mean a quiet one because the kids got crazy. Seeing a GMA artist was something really exciting for them. I felt they all ate chocolate and candies because they were like Energizer bunnies jumping around and screaming her name that afternoon. 

She didn't disappoint them of course. She went out and took time to be with the students. They took photos and selfies non stop. Then we went to places in her school where she and her friends usually hang out. 

She sat down on a table right beside the river. The view there was so cool. She told us of her fond memories spent with friends in that same area. She always had packed lunch and only had Fried Chicken every day. She didn't want anything other than Fried Chicken. We also ate fried chicken for lunch that day LOL. See how much she loves it? :)

For those who don't know, Louise actually also got involved in the student government and the school's publication. Her grades were pretty well off and she also excelled in extra curricular activities. She also shared her passion with the school's intramurals. She said she wouldn't trade it for anything even the UAAP. Other than that, she also joined fashion shows and pageants during those years. She also eventually became Ms. Intrams on her last year. She's also Ms. Junior and Ms. Senior... meaning she's a real deal prom queen!

She became a total kid again when we started to talk about her crushes in high school. She even spun around talking about that guy a year older than her. She still remembers his room, when she sees him during basketball practice and she blushed still talking about him. Isn't it amazing to know that she's just as human as you and me, even with the popularity. That's so cute.

We went inside one of the rooms and asked her about what she misses most about "Kambal Sirena (Twin Mermaids)". She said that just like what she did in Tween Hearts, they forged friendships with everyone in the show so ending that was somehow bitter sweet. She's glad it ended because it was really physically and mentally exhausting. It was really hard to work on the show - but she misses everyone especially the cast and the crew. She says she wants to take a short break after all that and recuperate. She's been really busy and thanks GMA for keeping it that way. She thanks them a lot for trusting her with lead roles that she enjoys and makes it a point not to short change them when the role calls for it. The show has definitely garnered high ratings consistently; even beating the competition on its finale day. I'm sure GMA has a lot planned for her after this good showing, this is one of the reasons they trust her.

We went to Louise's 4th year high school adviser on the same room she went to back then. Aside from more black boards, lockers and air conditioning... it was still the same thing as she remembers it. She said hi to them all quite differently which I found quite touching.

She sat down and began looking at their names in the seat plan. She actually remembers some of them while some, had some really familiar surnames. She apparently remembers some of them when they were kids... whilst some were siblings of previous schoolmates... she confirmed by talking to them while we were there. Aside from that, she gave them a small talk. She delved more on how they should choose their courses in college. For what it's worth, they should talk to their parents more and explain why they chose the course they picked. It should never be the choice of the parents because at the end of it all, it's their life and they would have to live with it.

She also adds that what ever course they choose, they should make sure to always follow their passion. Louise always wanted to be an actress, this is why no matter how less sleep she gets she still hungers for work and she's pretty awesome at it because she loves her job. This is the thing she wanted to share with them and these guys and gals were pretty appreciative. 

The simple girl from the province only wished the best for the next generation of students coming from Saint Augustine School. She knows how much she has learned from her mentors and she is a living testimony of success. She did work hard for what she has right now and we've seen why she's been blessed all these years. Oh by the way, she's going to be in next Saturday's episode of "Magpakailan Man". She's playing a pregnant woman but it's going to be a crazy story.

Thank you so much to the GMA Social Media team for letting us tag along with Louise as she goes back to her hometown of Tanza. Thank you also to Louise's Mom who was so nice to us that day. I'd like to congratulate Louise on what she's achieved so far, I'm sure another big project is in the works but in the mean time... please take a break and enjoy time with family and friends. You deserve it! :)


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