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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Would you mind playing this video first?

You see, I haven't paid attention to my hair these past few days and got it to grow a bit longer than usual. Since it's a tad curly it went bonkers on me and went unruly. I looked like Einstein and I couldn't handle it anymore so I did the next best thing. I went back to La Belleza Hair and Nail Salon in #50 EK Building at Don Antonio Heights in Quezon City. It's quite near EVER Commonwealth and right before Jollibee in that area. My hair stylist Cher takes good care of me and doesn't limit my imagination when it comes to cut and color. After all, she's won awards for this and pretty much done the same for artists and celebrities from different stations. Now it's time for me.

My roots were already showing because of normal growth so they had to take care of that by bleaching. This is done so I could have the same shade of color later on. As always, I must say that bleaching is NOT for everybody. It is a little painful so you have to understand it's only for those that could withstand it. Aside from that, there are obvious risks but I trust them this much that I only do it when I'm with them. I've never ever been so glad.

After a short round of bleaching, they got my hair rinsed and blow dried. Now that it's already in the same shade, it's time for color! :)

My favorite color in the world is BLUE. That's exactly why I chose this color. It's not weird, it's just different so I'm keeping it in this shade for a while. I plan to grow it even longer but had them cut the sides so I won't look scruffy.  They also put in treatment serums on my hair and the results were just amazing. It became more soft and manageable, and I think it gave the color of my hair an even brighter look. They took care of me like family and you can't get that anywhere else. It's exactly why I trust them with my hair.

Don't be afraid to experiment, talk to your stylist and tell them what you want to happen. I've googled my hairstyle and checked my options. I think this one just fits me. About this time, another guy was actually in the salon getting his hair curled so it could look like this. I am blessed with curly hair already so it gave my hair the height it needs for this! It's not often that I say that I love my curly hair but this is one of the occasions. 

True enough, after a few snips here and there, my hair turned out with the perfect BLUE that I was looking for. Some people are even telling me it turns purple when seen in different lighting conditions and that's just the best complement I've ever received since having it.

Thank you so much to La Belleza Hair and Nail Salon for taking care of me. I'll wear this BLUE hair proud out on the streets and in other events. I'm sure people would just love it just like I do! If I were you, I'd also take advantage of the sale from PinoySavings.com's La Belleza promo and get deals up to 80% off it's original price.

Or just head on over to their salon at the 2nd floor of the EK Building, at #50 Don Antonio II, Holy Spirit Drive in Quezon City. Call them for appointments at 09264563433 / 09277172014. They'll surely take care of you.


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