Vigan Vies For 7 Wonder Cities of the World

Sunday, July 06, 2014

One of the few places I've visited this year just became the talk of the town. Up north where there's a rustic, hispanic area and cobbled stone streets that probably spanned hundred or more years, the city of Vigan remains one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites that lives up to its name. The only place in Asia where a mix of Filipino and Spanish heritage exists, it truly is a sight to behold every time you get to see its streets and buildings that dates back to 16th century. I know, it ain't enough I guess, that just spells this city needs to be recognized... not just here, but worldwide!

Mayor Eva Marie Medina of the city of Vigan says "Being in the finals has added to our pride as residents of this small city with big dreams and hard earned achievements. Officials from Vigan are relentless in their continued efforts to make this city the “best” place. We hold on to our commitment to sustain our gains in heritage conservation and excellence in governance because these are the very instruments that ensure the well being of our people".

Vigan City has been included in the 28 finalists for 7 Wonder Cities of the world. There will be another round where only 21 will be left. Now is the time to vote for them as another national historic site takes the front seat. It's not only the places that can actually be the sole reason to see Vigan as one of the world's best. Just look at the things we've loved from this Ilocos city all these years!

From the crunchy Vigan Chichacorn, to pottery and small trinkets made from wood, to small mementos of the houses, to the weaved cloths and baskets, to Malunggay/Moringga pasta and cookies, to the famous Vigan longganisa that's so garlicky in every bite, to the super crunchy and sinful Bagnet... the city of Vigan has it all!

Now it's time for us to help them win this for the Philippines, how to vote? It's easy! Just go to and choose 7 entries, login with your social media accounts and it's a vote. Make sure though to always include VIGAN in your entries so they qualify for the next round. You can also vote by texting VIGAN to 29290777, it's that easy! VOTE NOW so you can get the city of VIGAN recognized as the world's best! It's VIGAN's time to shine!


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