GMA's Barbara, Sasha and Milkah's Birthday Bash

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Barbara Miguel, Milkah Nacion and Sasha Baldoza celebrates birthday with kids from Asociacion de Damas Filipinas
GMA Artist Center and promising kids Barbara Miguel, Milkah Nacion and Sasha Baldoza just celebrated their birthday at the Museo Pambata in Manila. They made arrangements so the kids from Asociacion de Damas Filipinas would be able to join them during this great day. The foundation was established in 1913 and houses around a few hundred children that are abandoned, neglected, orphaned, or foundlings. These are children in need of special care and they only do it for babies 6 months and take care of them until they reach the age of 6. It's a good thing they're doing this so even in an early age, Barbara, Milkah and Sasha would know how blessed they are... and now, they are sharing what they have with them which is really touching. 

Child star Barbara Miguel, is also nominated as Best Actress in the 2014 Queens World Film Festival. Her portrayal in the film "Nuwebe" gave her the Best Actress award in the Harlem Film Festival also in New York. It was hard for her to portray the youngest mother in Philippine history but her Director Joseph Laban and the film's crew took good care of her while shooting. She also did a good job with her previous shows "Biritera" and "Munting Heredera" and having her in these internationally acclaimed films is a feat that GMA is proud of especially having her on their stables.

Milkah Nacion is that little kid you oh so loved in the series IGLOT. She played the role of Luningning and we watched her everyday struggle to see her Mom and still take care of the egg she carried around in the show. It was cute and seeing her play around with the kids from the foundation was a touching sight. I hope they get to expose all their artists in activities like these for the love of it.

The kid from the Dingdong Dantes starrer GENESIS is Sasha Baldoza. She took time off to celebrate her birthday with the kids here and says she would want to share her love for books, fashion and toys with them as a way of giving back. She also loved the facility and it has given them the chance to play with them during the Museo Pambata tour. They learned more about history, science and language which she thinks is essential to these kids from Asociacion de Damas Filipinas. It'll be the catalyst to make them better and productive citizens later on and she's happy that they get to spend time with them here.

The kids would like to thank SkinWhite, Minute Burger and GMA Artist Center for making all these possible. All credits on photos for this article are to and for GMA Artist Center.


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