Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo: She's Dating The Gangster

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We were able to see Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Cathy Garcia Molina and Carmi Raymundo yesterday before the premier night of She's Dating A Gangster at the Star Cinema office in ABSCBN. It was a nice to see them after a long time and they've been going through morning shows before this happened. They were a little tired but they were still game to answer questions. I loved how Direk Cathy went on and joked about Daniel sleeping while in the blog conference... we laughed profusely about that. Kathryn Bernardo was a ray of sunshine. She was really pretty and I find that very appealing. This is why she's liked by millions of youngsters today. Putting them together in a project like this was just something bound to be successful. And I just learned they did 15 Million pesos on their first day! Isn't that amazing?

Bianca Bernardino, author of the book She's Dating A Gangster
This is also the first time that the author actually attended a blogcon and she was ecstatic to tell us the story behind the book. It has sold over 70.000 copies and has gotten around 600,000 readers through Wattpad. They also made a version of the book now with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla on the cover which totally made the sales soar even more we were told. Nothing surprising though, I think them having bigger on screen appearances is now a norm!

Director Cathy Garcia Molina has several blockbusters in her belt
When asked about casting, Director Cathy Garcia Molina said that there were no other choices other than making this film all about Kathryn and Daniel. They were the perfect ones for the role and they thought about it immediately upon seeing the material. Without batting an eyelash she wanted to only see these two to play the role. Their on and off screen romance just speaks volume on how they would be able to make these roles believable... which I think actually came out good in the movie according to those who have watched it yesterday.

Then when Kathryn Bernardo was about to answer questions from us, you know what Daniel did? He removed the cable from the microphone and played with it. These guys are crazy and we find that very cute... undeniably, even if Daniel was a little bit naughty he often consoled Kathryn by being very touchy that afternoon. The small things, like stroking her hair... the little quirks he does like putting his head on her shoulder... if we're not aware, we would really thing that these two are already in a relationship. I'm sure Kathniel fans would love that!

They were quite aware of the "albularyo" comparisons on social media but it looks like they were even making jokes about it. Their roles Kenji and Athena will revolve around their unexpected love story. They will also involve the future and the past. This is where Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta's role come in later on in the movie. You'll love that part if you see the movie. I even saw people crying no joke. The movie also stars Khalil Ramos, Sofia Andres, Pamu Pamorada, Marco Gumabao, John Uy, Alex Diaz, Igi Boy Flores and Yana Asistio.

She's Dating a Gangster is shown in over 150 theaters nationwide and will tell you a story about love that encompasses time. Make sure you watch this 20th Anniversary offering of Star Cinema. I hear they are running a few weeks so make sure you get felt on social media as well. Star Cinema listens to your tweets and Facebook posts so make sure you do not miss this on theaters even if it's raining outside! Let's see if it can be the biggest blockbuster this year!

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