Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales and JC De Vera for "Once A Princess"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drama. This film stars Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales and JC De Vera.

Now I don't know how to start this post without sounding like a fan, because I am. I love Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee. Their pair has been a formidable formula of success in countless movies and TV program on Star Cinema and ABSCBN. It's about time that they'll have another one, but this will be under Skylight Films and Regal Films. As you may know the past movies of  Skylight Films have been very successful on the box office but it has only tackled romcoms, comedy, horror but not drama yet. So that's what they did according to Enrico Santos, this is a gamble but he's sure the tandem will still work like clockwork.

Erich Gonzales still looking absolutely gorgeous during the Grand Presscon of "Once A Princess"
One of the few celebrities that I know that still is so kind and down to earth is Erich Gonzales. It's no wonder that she's been so blessed these past few years while still looking absolutely beautiful. She's also running restaurants and enjoying a very successful non showbiz relationship with his current boyfriend. Still, if you would see Erich and Enchong together... you'll feel how much they should have been meant for each other. Not that I'm insinuating anything but just like much of the fans of these two, I would have loved to have seen them having a relationship.

That was one of the controversial things discussed that evening though, because Enchong Dee said that if they pushed through on being a couple back then, they wouldn't be where they would be right now. He also said that they would have hated each other and never want to work again. What good thing turned out now is that they are more close now that they could talk about anything under the sun including what happened in the past. When asked if they had a relationship, the vibe that we got was "No" but I think the attempt was there. That was probably the reason why they had a rift in the past and rumors about how they worked on set without even talking to each other came up. Perhaps that's got something to do with it. The good news is, they are in good terms and we love them even more now.

 Director Laurice Guillen is back and this is her first film after a few years. When asked about why she didn't continue to direct films, she just says the offer wasn't there. When this opportunity came up, she didn't hesitate and the production was ecstatic because they really wanted her for the project. She also is a pretty good actress too and we've all seen how she's been in GMA and ABSCBN shows like Carmela, Genesis, Aryana, MMK and others. I also loved how she answered the question of some other press people there about a time when she was treated like a princess. She says Johnny Delgado treated her like a queen when he was still alive. It was heartwarming.

Enchong Dee had a superb performance in the critically acclaimed TUHOG produced by the same people who's doing Once A Princess. If you see him laughing profusely in one of the photos, it's because what he enjoys the most are his supporters. Would you believe a simple smile and wave to his fans made them shriek like nobody's around? He's one of the few actors in this station that continues to be blessed and it's because he is Mr. Awesome. He takes time to talk to people, he makes a connection. Working with Erich in this project also made him realize a lot of things, and he appreciates what they have right now because he feels it is special... more than if they ended up together in real life. He was also bombarded with questions about his girlfriend which I think he wanted to keep private. That also included some small things at work which he begged off discussing. He'd rather not talk about things that wouldn't be beneficial for the movie. He's also proud of this because he enjoyed working with Erich and JC De Vera. The story is quite complex because it's not another damsel in distress kind of movie. There's a battered wife point, there's love, there's also a reason why everything ended up like this because of the things and people in the past.   

This film by the way was adapted from the book of Angel Bautista which she has written for the popular publisher of Precious Hearts Romance. She's also doing tours to promote the film so please visit their Facebook page here so you can get information on when it will be done in your area. She's actually planning to do in in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao so no one is going to be left out. She'll also be with other writers so this is your chance to see them in the flesh. She's also glad that out of all the numerous stories in this publication, they chose hers. She couldn't imagine anyone else doing the role of Enchong and JC because she says they were perfect. Erich on the other hand she says was too pretty (because the girl will be beaten up by JC De Vera's character) for the role and thought that she might not fit the personality of the girl in the book but when she saw her performance, she said that she was awesome. Angel Bautista couldn't believe a dream like this would come true and she can't wait for everyone to see how the interpretation on the screen was done. Speaking of which, here's the full trailer of Once A Princess.

 After 7 years, and Erich's character's life falls apart, will Enchong be there to pick up the pieces and save her from JC De Vera? Who knows, this might just be the film that would break box office records again.

JC De Vera

Congratulations Enchong, Erich and Jc! I can't wait to watch this on August 6! Hope you guys love the photos! :)


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