Ellen Adarna for Bench Body

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The stage was almost pitch dark when the event started. Then out of the shadows, two Swarovsky crystal encrusted gloves started hitting a full punching bag in the middle of the ring. I was loving what I was seeing as the lights carefully showed the lines and contours of her body. 

Then she goes on hinting us with her Bench Body outfit, stunned us with an all red number. She didn't stop there though because she used the punching bags and kicked it like a pro.

She whisked nearby but I could only see a glimpse of her from where I am but up close, you can see the details of her underwear, the red fabric and near mesh on the sides doesn't discomfort her at all even if she had to move a lot during the more athletic part of the show. This, while staying sexy.

 And ooh... this is my money shot. She went ahead and stretched a bit in the center of the ring and this gave me chills. Ellen Adarna is truly SEXY! This is because what she wears just accentuates her body... all courtesy of BENCH BODY. Then after that, the girls all came out and whipped their you know what all over the stage..

Then Ellen came out and put on an athletic shirt, took out her jumping ropes and skipped away. She was so awesome in the center stage doing some fancy footwork and exhibitions with the ropes. The guys had a field day!

Then the guys entered the stage one by one. Warning (NSFW)

This collection isn't afraid of color. It's something that other brands may be afraid of, but not BENCH BODY. They want you their customers to be above all things enjoy the different choices this holiday season so they came out with the essentials that you can mix and match with your outdoor wardrobe.

To make it even hotter that evening, they did something awesome on the stage. The men lied down and got Ellen Adarna on the center. It was reminiscent of the "SLOW" music video of Kylie Minogue. It was HOT HOT HOT!

The hotness continued as they showed the first set of Bench Body underwear and a little more pole dancing on heels with these ladies. I've seen Sam Adjani and John Spainhour there too wearing some pretty rough boxers and briefs which I'd like to have too.

Then they all went back on the stage for the last part of the show. Congratulations Ellen Adarna for being the new benchsetter. Bench Body will be truly hotter with you on the store. I can't wait for the bi annual jeans and underwear fashion show. You should be one of the main acts! :)

Thank you so much to Bench for having us!


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