Perfect For Rainy Days: Woo Galbi

Monday, July 28, 2014

Have you guys tried WOO GALBI? If not, then you are missing a lot. On the 6th Floor of Shangrila Edsa Mall's East Wing - particularly on the right side, they've got a huge prolly 100 seat restaurant that can accommodate you for brunch, lunch, dinner or if you just want to have a quick bite. The ambiance would be perfect for business or pleasure, or even if you just want to hang around with friends and family. As for us, we went there because it was raining profusely in Manila. This is a place that serves Korean, so we were looking for something authentic but still comforting. We've got to have that.

Ojing-O Ramyeon

They call this the Ojing-O Ramyeon. If my hunch is correct, they used a kimchi laden broth on this one hence it's a little spicy. It's nothing that wouldn't be tolerable, actually I find it real smooth and you can smell the chili and squid essence in every slurp. It's also got fresh Korean noodles and served with egg. Don't mind people when eating Ramyeon because it is encouraged to actually do that "slurping" action. It's like giving the chef a pat on the back because you're enjoying the dish.

Jeyuk Ramyeon

They also got Jeyuk Ramyeon which is the Pork version of it. Equally good in my opinion but if you are a little allergic to seafood like I am, I'd take this one. I still tasted the same broth. Oh and yes, they have this in a promo from 2-5PM Monday to Saturday. For only 250 pesos, you can have hot and delicious Woo Galbi Ramyeon... but make sure no sharing or leftovers (see the fine print!). This also can't be in conjunction with government issued discounts. Anyway, it's worth it!

Tofu Steak

This is their Tofu Steak. It's all a little crunchy outside but soft and velvety inside. They poured their own sweet sauce on it which makes it even really good. I think it''s got a dark soy base but more on the sweet side. I ate this all on my own even if we were supposed to share it. Don't judge! LOL

Beef Belly Wrap

 This is the Beef Belly Wrap. It's so good that I didn't even get to see the other wraps that came along with it. This is supposed to be 5 but my friends ate it all. A bit of the sauce (which I think is anchovies) and salsa on the side, it just tasted so right with the wrap that's a little fatty. You kinda enjoy it when you take that first bite.

Jeyuk Bibimbap

This gorgeous bowl holds the Jeyuk Bibimbap. It's got spicy pork, loads of vegetables, raw egg and topped in red rice. The bowl is actually heated stone and it's best mixed and eaten while it's hot. I specially like the rice sticking to the bowl on the bottom, kinda crunchy. The red rice is indeed something different, but still good even if done with the white one. Order more chili pasted and they'll gladly let you have some.

Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap

The sight of thinly sliced beef bulgogi just amazes me. This is Woo Galbi's Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap. The sweet and slightly salty beef mixed with the vegetables, hot white rice and egg is really good. Plus, they actually improved the serving because the last time I was here it was a little less rice on the bowl. It just means they listen to feedback. That to me is exceptional service.

Blue Torch Salmon Rolls

This is their Blue Torch Salmon Rolls. I like salmon in smoked form but this one's fresh and torched on top which gives it somewhat the same effect. I'd like this more if it were a little bit spicy but since I've got friends who don't like things hot, this is perfect.

Bulgogi Short Ribs Grilled

This one is my favorite. The Bulgogi Short Ribs Grilled. The reason why is because I find the seasoning they put in this one is the bomb. It's sweet and savory, just the way I like it in a slice of meat. This and hot white rice, and it's a done deal. I highly suggest this one off the menu.

Galbi Tang

If you're craving for real meaty broth, this one's good too. This is their Galbi Tang. This is kinda good for groups too because one can actually get the others some good soup too. Don't be afraid to share, Asian after all breathes family style.

Sundubu Jjigae

A handful of clams, shrimp, tofu, vegetable slices on a hot Kimchi and seafood based broth... this is their Sundubu Jjigae. If you're watching your weight or find the products of the sea up to your taste then this is your bowl. You may fancy this over the beef, no case because both are good if you're looking for something hot.

All Beef Platter 1

Ladies and gentlemen, this is their ALL BEEF PLATTER 1. If you are with friends, men who love meat then let's just say a prayer and let heaven take its course. Wrap it up with fresh lettuce, dip in the sauce and you'll say expletives once you sink your teeth into it. This is of course best enjoyed with Woo Galbi's cocktails or beer. Both of which are available in this restaurant.

Well, how's that to make you drool over Korean food at this hour? Fancy more of it? Well the right thing to do is just head over to Woo Galbi at the 6th Floor of Shangrila Mall's East Wing and get you, your friends and this club Korean Food like no other. Then thank me for it! 


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