The Smart - Deezer Launch With Rico Blanco, Ely Buendia and More!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Listen. It's the only thing that you have to do to enjoy one of the biggest and strongest tie up ever brought to Philippine shores. Smart Communications, the country's biggest network and Deezer, one of the world's biggest web streaming services just recently launched their partnership at the posh club Raven in BGC.

The event was hosted by rockstar royal daughter cum VJ/DJ Sanya Smith. Deezer had so many things to offer Smart subscribers and that only spells 30.6 Million tracks as of this minute, the ability to create and customize playlists of your own, share that to millions of people and have it in almost all your gadgets. 

To start off, we were treated with music from indie band "The Ransom Collective". They played a few originals and covers. Pretty sick. What puzzles me is that they're still in high school... would you believe that? Their album is also available in Deezer so check them out there.

Deezer's Business Development Manager for Asia Steven Frank says there's no opportune time to actually do this but now - because people are hungry for more music. Deezer's 30 Million songs would be the perfect thing to have for the millions of Smart subscribers in the Philippines.

Ms. Kathryn Carag, Smart's Postpaid Marketing Head also announced the packages meant for subscribers. Smart will also be giving Unlisurf Premium Plan early birds a P175 bill rebate for six months. Aside from that, existing Postpaid subscribers can take advantage of Deezer Music Packs that includes Deezer Premium. Subscribe to Deezer Daily for PHP 25 which you can do 1 day Deezer access plus 25 SMS and 10MB of mobile data for Deezer streaming. Or you can opt for Deezer Weekly for PHP 125 for 7-day Deezer access plus 125 SMS and 50MB of mobile data which you can use for Deezer streaming. Or better yet try Deezer Monthly for PHP250 so you can get 30 day Deezer access plus 250 SMS and 100MB of mobile data for streaming. These and more offers for Smart Prepaid subscribers will be also available soon. 

Cheers! Here's to a strong partnership with Deezer and Smart Communications. On this shot, Deezer's Business Development Manager for Asia Mr. Steven Frank, Mr. Charles A. Lim Smart's EVP and Wireless Consumer Division Head, Ms. Mellissa Limcaoco from Smart's Innovation and Product Development Group, Ms. Kathryn Carag Smart's Postpaid Marketing Head, the gorgeous Ms. Gina Daryanani Deezer's PR Manager for Asia and Ms. Dona Inthaxoum Deezer's Label Relations Head for Asia & Oceania.

Now I thought the party was over, but no! The stage went dark and out comes one of my favorite Filipino artists. Here's Rico Blanco!

Kean Cipriano remembered me! :) Here he is with Callalily. They didn't perform that evening though!

I also enjoyed Urbandub's songs while we were in front of the stage. This guy's a real solid performer. I'm listening to them through Deezer now every morning.

Gorgeous Ornussa Cadness and Sanya Smith performed as a duo. They're called The Zombettes and conquering the EDM club scene too. Pretty cool chicks!

Yael Yuzon of Sponge Cola was there too to celebrate OPM as Deezer includes tons of them in the system. They were all there to support the industry and fight against piracy!

Oh and we've got our own Deezer Philippines Editor. He's going to recommend songs and playlists all day long. You can find him on your stream right from the get go. He'll introduce you to new music too!

Then when I thought it was over... I died when he came out of the shadows!

It was Pupil! Of course my idol Ely Buendia... I died.. LOL

Thank you Smart and Deezer for making another Ely Buendia moment for me! Last time I saw him was for his XL concert (a long time ago!). So make sure you download Deezer in the App Store or Google Play if you want this and more!

One awesome night in celebration of a great union. Smart Communications and Deezer just tied the knot to a very fruitful partnership. I'm enjoying Deezer now on my phone and I'm sure you'll be loving it too when you get your hands on em!

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