Giordano World Without Strangers Music Festival

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ira Cruz was also seen at Giordano's World Without Strangers event at Glorietta. Photo by Mikz Marcelo.

It's the 25th year anniversary of Giordano Philippines and what better way to celebrate that but by staging a huge festival right smack in the middle of Glorietta mall. They also deem this the best occasion to introduce their newest endorser Mr. Rico Blanco!

Rico Blanco sang World Without Strangers, the perfect homage to Giordano's brand (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)

It was something for the history books as they turned the 4th of July to be our own celebration of Philippine music. It's something that they see to be part of who we are and that's why they never hesitated to get the best of the best bands in the country. They also got the ultra conservative guys to host the show... of course it's the BOYSNIGHTOUT crew!  Other than that, they have made history by inviting these 15 local bands namely Callalily, Sponge Cola, Urbandub, rockstars Franco, Up Dharma Down, Gracenote, Techy Romantics, Taken By Cars, Kala, Autotelic, Join The Club, Cygnet, Maude, Hidden Nikki, Yolanda Moon plus Rico Blanco who performed the World Without Strangers song during the festivities. They also have given recognition to 12 people from different walks of life who gave value to the "World Without Strangers" declaration that Giordano stands firm with all these years.

World Without Strangers is also composed by Rico Blanco. It was something that he had fun making because the concept was easy since it relates to Giordano's vision of a borderless world. It's something that a person like Rico Blanco would believe in. They also have announced the winners of the Giordano Statement Tee Design contest. The winners shirts will be released somewhere in the last week of July. The track will also be available on iTunes so everyone can download it there.

One of my favorite bands URBANDUB was there. Gabby was awesome! (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Yael Yuzon brought down the house with his brand of music. (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Armi Millare, of world class Up Dharma Down was just heavenly! (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Pretty rock chic Eunice of Gracenote. The photographer had a crush on her haha! (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
He gets points for bringing the crowd up on their feet, here's Kean Cipriano of Callalily. This dude is tops, he even recognized me during the Deezer launch. (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Aaron Ricafrente does what he's absolutely good at. (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Forgot the name of this band, sorry but of course they were really good too! (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Sick! Rock personified with Franco Reyes on vocals. This is FRANCO. (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Tattoos + darn good vocalist = Freakin rockstar from Cebu. (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
Yael Yuzon going borderless and staying free during the World Without Strangers Festivities. See how crazy he is? He almost crowdsurfed! (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)
The mission is clear and they have absolutely given the Philippines something that the world is in need of. A World Without Strangers. This event just put a stamp on that!

Fun moment when Kean Cipriano wiped Eunice's face while performing. Epic! (Photography by Mikz Marcelo)

I'd like to thank Giordano for inviting us and to Concert Photographer par excellance Mikz Marcelo for covering for me. Muchas gracias mi hombre! You are awesome!


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