The Great Grande Cook-Off

Sunday, August 06, 2017

I've only used a couple of oil variants in my kitchen which consists mostly of Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Vegetable Oil, Palm Oil, Peanut Oil and Olive Oil. Other than that, I'm quite oblivious to other types of it because as you may know it's uncommon here in the Philippines. I was schooled by Chef Miko Aspiras a couple of weeks ago about Rice Bran Oil. This newcomer called Grande Rice Bran Oil comes from rice which is staple for us Filipinos. It's naturally loaded with anti oxidants, has got a high temperature smoking point, and has got a balanced fat profile. During the small event, he used it to cook great dishes and did a main course plus a lovely "no diet" dessert.

What I immediately noticed is that aside from it's attractive golden color, is how it actually is good for any type of cooking method that needs oil. Whether it's for deep frying, sauteing, pan frying, or even desserts, it doesn't actually change the way the food tastes which is remarkable in my books. I thought it would be slightly nutty since it comes from rice bran but no, it was just as good as them but healthier. I guess that is it's main selling point because you can't see anything that is as au naturelle as this is compared to what we have out in the market.

Tun Aburi Tataki was seared on both sides then sliced thinly. Served with tartar sauce, beet root, and a side salad. Fish tasted like fish, as its supposed to be.

Twice Fried Pork which was brined first, boiled, then fried to get that crisp exterior. It was served with spices, chorizo, and seasoned potatoes.

For dessert Chef Miko Aspiras prepared and ground up some sugar coated Pili Nuts from Bicol. Then he got unsalted butter and melted it with the ground nuts. Et voila! That's Pili Nut Butter for you! So good!

He also deep fried sourdough donuts made into balls then thrown into cinnamon sugar. They poured in a hefty amount of the Pili Butter and now, we have to marvel at this piece which was gone in 20 seconds LOL!
Rice Bran Oil may have been a little too hard to get hence it's price (but I find it competitive), but think about the benefits on how it could lower your bad cholesterol levels, boost you immune system, lessen the chances of cancer, improve your skin health and even help in your weight loss. Women can also get relieve from your usual menopausal symptoms, protect your heart from disease and lower allergic reactions. All you have to do is get good rice bran oil like GRANDE. If you want to know more visit

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