WISH 107.5 Launches Online Singing Competition WISHCOVERY

Thursday, August 31, 2017

It looks like WISH 107.5 is making waves again as they launch WISHCOVERY, an online singing competition that aims to discover more talented Filipino singers that can make or break the global music stage. As you know, WISH 107.5 had already been able to accomplish a lot on the internet after uploading tons of videos of performances on the WISH Bus. They have sternly supported OPM for over 3 years and this year, they are taking it even higher!

Off topic: WISH Magazine will have their first issue on September, to add another medium talking about music worldwide. They will also be launching the WISH CARD, all aims to promote Filipino artists and music. This is huge news.

I've heard about this, seen one of the finalists a couple of weeks ago. They have scoured the country for 3 months and selected on 20 singers, so imagine how talented these guys and gals are. They will be called The Wishful 20 wherein they will be pitted against each other in a LIVE COMPETITION. The criteria for judging was a collaborative effort of executives from WISH and the judges so expect this to be a tight race. Every week, they will get 5 performers and pick the weakest until they get the final 5 contestants on March 2018. They will be seen by the judges online with raw videos provided by WISH when their performances are done. 

The program will be hosted by RnB Prince Kris Lawrence, whilst RnB King JayR, hit maker Jungee Marcelo, Annie Quintos of The Company will serve as judges aka Resident Reactors of WISHCOVERY this year. It will be held mostly at the WISH BUS where they will be required to interpret and perform OPM songs. This is part of their advocacy to bring Filipino music to the world! Make sure you catch them this September, the whole month and the weekends (for the announcement of winners). Stay tuned!

P.S. Thanks to Outback Steakhouse for our lunch that afternoon. I like the ribs!

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