Good Days for OPM Happening at #CokeStudioPH

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Looks like Coke is getting their hands warm on Filipino music. They've been always like that and despite hard times, they've managed to put up tons of concerts, shows and caravans that make us all proud of our own music. They're not stopping there because every Saturday, they will be seen helping established, up and coming and indie bands + artists to up the ante on their OPM game for COKE STUDIO PH. It's a new show seen on TV5 every Saturday at 7PM and just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see the launch at SMX Convention Center. It was like a town fiesta like no other!

Coke had us stay in the center, surrounded by different stages that had musicians, artists take over for a few minutes and boy it was crazy! Different genres, different takes on new and old Filipino songs, all of us got comfy seats and sang along with the crowd.

The crowd wasn't letting down as throngs of them lined up even after the first performers came out. Sandwich opened the show, I went ballistic! Haha!

They switched back to acoustic and played my favorite Eraserheads songs, an era I am very familiar with.
Then they toned down a bit and made it a bit romantic. These two had us feel like we were in a park busking in the moonlight.

I wasn't surprised TV5 had this on their station. I remember Coach Chot saying that they wanted to have something that isn't seen on the other stations, this would really be something special for them, not to mention a good platform to be seen, to help those bands and artists that are good but haven't been seen by the general public. To hopefully broker record deals if they find them awesome on stage.

I couldn't remember their name but they played percussion instruments like they were in Rio De Janeiro. I'd like this in my own party!

A section of the hall was dedicated to a Coke Studio filled with your favorite drink, and a Karaoke + recording facility. It was a time to sing your heart out in front of tons of people. I didn't do this but I would if I could brave the line that they had that evening.
The other side of the hall had a conversation space where the artists and the band members were interviewed, made to inspire us ordinary people, and the up and coming bands and artists too. The juke box though isn't your ordinary box, it's an automatic labeler so you can just put in your name and get your own personalized Coke bottle!

Coke executives weren't just going to sit around and watch, they played too!

When Sandwich came on stage, I shouted, I jumped with excitement, and joined in with the crowd who wanted more of this music.

Stephan from Coke also gave a speech. Here it is on video so listen in!

I had so much fun!

For the finale, they had the artists, the executives from Coke and the bands on stage including Franco. God was I so zonked this night but I still got my A game on. I wished the evening wouldn't stop!

Thank you so much Coca Cola Philippines for the opportunity to party with you guys! Every year I always look forward to your gigs!

Again for those who would want to see the show and how you mix in the old and the new, keep it on TV5 every Saturday at 7PM. You'll like Noel Cabangon do it with rapper CurtisSmith, and other artists on the pipeline. Cheers to Coke and Pinoy Music!

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