Watsons Says It's TIME TO RENEW

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Watsons knows how busy you've been the whole week. They also know how the weather, humidity and stress takes a toll on your hair, your skin, and your overall health. They want you to know that IT'S TIME TO RENEW, and that means restoring your beauty and bring vitality so you can enjoy live even more!

During the event held at The Podium, they let us try a lot of activities and win tickets in the process. The prize? It's tons of products from Watson's vendors that promote health and wellness, for your hair, skin, including your body which needs vitamins and minerals, and lots of anti oxidants.

Then we had a small booth dedicated to take a look at your skin. It was a little frightening, to see it magnified that much but seeing it's overall health would make you understand what you need in order to make it better. So we listened to their suggestions. They also took a look at our hair and suggested more things from Tresseme, L'Oreal, Dove and Moringa. For the skin, the suggested lotions, creams and moisturizers from Ponds, Olay, Belo, Celeteque, Snow, St. Ive's (my personal favorite), Nivea Men, Neutrogena and vitamins from Cosmo Skin.

"Here in Watson's we want everyone to look good and feel great!" 

They had Ms. Iza Calzado, John James Uy, some guy from Loreal (who announced Brown hair promos in Watsons), and Ms. Alice Dixson as guests that afternoon talking about skin, hair and body care products available at Watsons.

These ladies had us take some tests about our diet and after getting our results, will match us with the best KILO OFF product we need to use if we want to take their fruit based diet products, that's got no sugar added. Other stuff like Gluthathione, Collagen, anti stress capsules were also explained to us a bit and helped us understand the benefits of taking them to get our bodies fixed even if we were too busy to do it.

You too can enjoy these things at every Watson's shop nationwide. Make sure you bring your SM Advantage Cards so you could win revitalizing packages with it. Every Php 500 single receipt purchase can get you one raffle entry. If you want to win Spa Packages, full gym memberships, and weekend wellness packages, you should definitely join. You'll get more though if you are an SM Advantage Card holder so apply for one if you don't have it yet. Now go to Watson's stores now because it's definitely TIME TO RENEW!

Time to shop, earn points and more perks! 

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