UnionBank Continues <|U|>Hack & Pl@y Series

Sunday, August 06, 2017

It's a little daunting to talk about this but to put it simply, they want to discover talents, to discover ideas to improve their banking services. In the process, they also have created partnerships by letting them use Unionbank's API's (Application Programming Interface) and improve them even more. They want to push the envelope to find out how to do things even better. They are sponsoring hackathons and you would be amazed at what people offer, no matter what age and show us how their project works. They call it UNIONBANK Hack, going on their 5th one in this series. 

UnionBank's SVP for Human Resource and Director Michelle Rubio says "We have this soul behind the digital transformation, to have people with really good capabilities and harness UnionBank's resources. We want to progress it more and not just be the financial corporation of choice. We want to get apps and API's to deliver technology for nation building. We have been doing this since last year and we are working with the academe and their schools to improve what we have, enjoin more students, professionals and perhaps next year even a hackathon next year, hopefully to attract them to also work later on with us as we are a digital bank. Our objective is also simple, we do not agree that our talented people are being used by other nationalities because we can do it here."

She adds "Last year we thought of wicked problems, this year we want to focus on AI, VR, authenticating identity and things that are related to us as a financial institution. We were surprised that each of the groups that did good in the past are also joining us as institutions, partners or offer even freelance work. "

Not to confuse this with black hat, they're into making things that could spark positive change in the lives of Filipinos. They will also be providing the platform, possible future development of their work if they win the competition. Some cash prizes also await winners. Most of the winners have already worked with Unionbank and have worked with them over the years. If you've got bright ideas and can do code, then this would be a great opportunity for you. They will be roaming around the schools nationwide to choose the best talents, including those recommended by their professors and see how this will grow. I could see the optimism in their eyes, and they are right, why should we be outsourcing these things when we know we could do it ourselves? We've got tons of programmers and leaders in the country who can spark change, and that's a good thing. Congratulations to Unionbank for spearheading this, I can't wait to join your caravans too in the near future. :)

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