Perks from #SmartEverwing

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Imagine my surprise this morning about the perks inside this popular game called EVERWING. Everybody has been crazy about it and I was almost on the verge quiiting this game because I get disheartened when some people out score me. Well, it looks like I'd be playing again because Smart subscribers with registered smart numbers on Facebook will get to enjoy their very own SMART EGG, isn't that awesome?

Go ahead and hatch it now until August 14 together with other promos that they have on the game. Aside from that, if you play continously while on Smart data, you'll have additional perks but that's going to remain a surprise. I guess it's time for you to hatch it now!

My Smart egg contains KIIN and I can't wait to see the next one tomorrow. So for those in my friends list, please forgive me for sending you game requests today! Hahahah! That's #SmartEverwing for yah!

So start opening Messenger and let's play!

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