Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza Now In Crispy Thins

Monday, August 14, 2017

I don't know how to thank people especially when it's like fate. I was a bit hungry a few hours after lunch and it was probably merienda time already but Mom was busy so we didn't have anything to eat. I don't skip meals because I am on a weird diet and starving is a big nono especially for big guys like me. Good think Greenwich was like that barkada who knows how to spoil you when you need em the most. They got me two boxes of pizza, the lovely Greenwich Overload Hawaiian Pizza and the other was the Crispy Thins version of it. 

It was a totally different experience because you get that very filling feeling with the original one while the other gives you that feeling of CRUNCH all over it from end to end. It's also my Mom's favorite so she felt like it was her birthday when it arrived. I was also touched that it came with a Karaoke microphone so in a few minutes we were already singing to our best Karaoke tunes, like the party that it should right in our own home!

Call #55555 now to get that pizza today!


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