ACER Launches World's Thinnest Notebook: Aspire S Series

Saturday, September 17, 2016

What's your aspirations? What do you wish for in life? This is what ACER is asking you now that they're launching their new ACER S Series. They boast it's the world's thinnest notebook but couldn't help but give inspiration first to the people who attended their event. First up was motivational speaker Francis Kong.

Francis Kong a well known inspirational speaker said "You study, you grow, you maintain humility no matter where you are and get there. You fall, you pick yourself up and continue. Some people have gone through hardships, himble beginnings, but did you quit? NO. Once we reach success, we have to guard ourselves because it gets to our head. Once we experience difficulty and success, never allow failure to creep into your heart nor get success into your head. We all have aspirations, the younger you are to get there, the happier you will be. Life in this planet has its own countdown, remember those difficult moments and how you bounced back, how you have become a blessing to others. That is what you should aspire!"

Miss World Megan Young arrived and gave a few words and said "Inspiration, I am lucky that I have great people around me that uplift me. Learning from so many people, helping each other become better people, not only in you biggest moments, but to inspire more people so they would be also inspired with your story."

The Aspire S3 has an all aluminum body, 12 hours of battery life. The Aspire S5 does wireless faster, uses AC standard in different channels and you get upload and download in different sections. It's also got powerful DOLBY audio. The S7 is 9mm thick and it's thinner beyond imagination. The black aluminum design and gold trims makes it sexy, but always tough. 

This is the ACER Aspire S3, S5 and S7 is now available in the Philippines this month. 

Thanks ACER for having us!

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