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Monday, September 12, 2016

I haven't been able to go to SM Supercenter Pasig for ages and a lot has definitely changed in a couple of years. I used to work in the nearby Eastwood district but have left and never looked back. Now I miss a lot of things especially the lovely food I used to enjoy after office hours or when I can grab a quick lunch. See, there's this place inside the SM Supercenter Pasig called The Great American Burger Joint (or you can call it The Burger Joint). Although they've got good name recall I haven't really heard of them yet or what they have to offer. Being a huge burger lover myself, it just was music to my ears to hear that they have huge servings of lovely, legit American Beef burgers. It's a dream to actually have something done right and this might be a good spot to have that.

The Burger Joint (as what most people call the place) is a child project of entrepreneur partners and Chef Allan Geonzon who are veterans of the Food Truck scene in the US. They brought the love for food in the Philippines and felt this was the opportune time to introduce great American food to the market. We love it to start with, but having great servings at very friendly prices is not a common sight in restaurants in Manila. Since it's placed near the Tiendesitas area, office workers, dog lovers, and families would probably benefit from having The Great American Burger Joint in this location. It's a bit of a drive from GMA QC area but they've got tons of things to make you feel the trip to the East of Manila worth it.

Loaded Nachos - You've got a heaping serving of crunchy nachos topped with premium ground beef, chili, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, tons of cheese, parsley and Watermelon salsa. It's a fresh take on the usual beer chow and you're going to love the bits of watermelon in the mix. It made the thing be a bit on the sweet side, perfect for those who wish to have something to munch while talking amongst friends and family. It's filling, and you'll feel you're not shortchanged pricewise, and sizewise.

The Southwestern Burger - This is my personal favorite. It's got caramelized onions, grilled beef patty, melted cheese and a very deep smoky flavor. If I were to choose something that you should try, it would definitely be this.

Juicy Lucy - When you've got a dream burger, it usually starts like this. For an all American, mouthwatering, jaw dropping experience, you should try the Juicy Lucy. It's got a half pound beef patty stuffed with cheese inside, then topped with cheese sauce, their house sauce, Bacon, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and onions. It's good, huge, totally worth every penny.

The WTF Burger - If you can dream it, they can build it. It's a burger with almost everything on it. Imagine two quarter pound Angus patties, double serving of bacon, double cheese, plus a beer battered tomato slab on top. They also put a freshly baked potato chip and a special home made garlic aioli. If that was a mouthful to describe, it's a challenge to just take a bite but who's stopping you?

The Buffalo Classic - I love it old school. It's the classic Buffalo wings that's tangy and hot. They also bring it out fresh, tossed lightly right after a session with the fryer. Their sour cream was just the best thing for it too. Order a Maltshake to hose it down as it really would bite you. I'd go back for this too!

The Burger Joint also had us try their home made Maltshakes. It's thick and creamy. They also used cakes, cookies, berries, salted pretzels, marshmallows, local chocolates, imported ones just to make it your dream drink. They had us try these even if it wasn't in the menu yet so YOU have a lot to look forward to in a couple of months. I loved the last one the most as it's like a circus, pretty colorful and they used the local chocolates quite well in the drink. I won't mind going back just for that.

So go and visit them today at The Great American Burger Joint in SM Supercenter Pasig. They are on the right side of the building right across Transcom. It's also accessible from C5 so just come up Tiendesitas for parking then walk across the street, it's there. The burgers here are good, pretty messy when you eat, but that's exactly what you need to experience when you want a great burger. They're certainly not holding back on flavor, ingredients and if you're looking for something new, you might regret NOT going there!


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