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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Ecumenical Chapel inside the Centennial Garden

This is one of the weirdest things I've covered this year, read on and I'll tell you why.

There's an 8 hectare property over at Macabling, Sta. Rosa in the province of Laguna that we visited a couple of days ago. Right now, it serves as an establishment in the front for Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematorium, and the rest of the land serves as the Centennial Garden. It belongs to a corporation that aims to provide unparalleled compassionate memorial service that's available 24/7.

Launched in 1999, Centennial Garden is a Greek inspired memorial park with state of the art facilities in Sta. Rosa Laguna. It's filled with statues of gods and goddesses, with easy and affordable lots. They also built a colombarium and crematory facility in late 2003 to serve as a respectable and solemn place for rest for those who have already departed.

This is OLYMPUS, a fully air conditioned 3 floor facility that houses urns for the dearly departed.

It's their 17th year, and they're making this a little different because they're launching a leisure place, and dubbing this whole area as a tourism spot and not just a memorial park. You heard that right. It's going to be housing a full museum, to show a glimpse of history coinciding with their necro and Greek theme. It's a bit different from the other ones with the same business. You also might think it's expensive for what you think people might have been getting but they say it's going to be reasonable. It's something that they have been working on for the past few years.

Phoenix have walk in packages as low as 25K, it's not that expensive and if you think about the amenities for your family, it's worth it.

Their thrust is, it's not going to be just for the rich and famous. These air conditioned rooms, the large buildings, all will be available for people who have their plans and not only that, they've been doing concerts, events inside the Phoenix memorial park. When the project for an eco tourism facility pushes through, they're going to be some sort of an attraction as they want to be different from other parks. Theirs is fun, a little festive and their current clientele is alreasy appreciating this believe it or not. 8 hectares means a long list of upgrades too so if you're already impressed with what they have right now, you can look forward to more in the future. In the coming months, they are also celebrating Halloween like never before. 

This is the ACROPOLIS. It houses 2 chapels that can fit up to 200 people. It also has a working loft, with 2 rooms, airconditioning and a shower. If you wish to spend a night or two here without going out, or if you live quite far from the property, it's easy to stay here.

The planned museum will also be housed at the bottom of this structure and we already saw some of the items they're planning to put there. It will be like a necro tour so people would know how people around the world take care of the dead.

There's a section of the land dedicated to a full play area, plus an indoor airconditioned one so you can hold parties and sing to your heart's content with the karaoke machines. I'm sure you've never seen anything like this right?
For good luck, and a more Grecian feel, they have this Water Plaza right in the middle of everything. It makes the place more relaxed, and serene.
They're going to have a full concert, allow kids to play on their pens and even have several videoke facilities ready for the adults. If you are part of the Phoenix Memorial Chapels and have availed of their services, this can be part of the things you'll enjoy when celebrating the life of your loved ones. It's unorthodox, I know, but who says that you have to be always sad when remembering someone you love right? I've even heard relatives celebrating their birthdays there with kids included. Putting up facilities like that must have only come from those who want to really care not just for the dearly departed, but for those who you have left in the real world. I know tons of people who would prefer it that way rather than the usual. That's what Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematorium provides and if you're interested, you may contact them on their channels below!

Photo Credits: Phoenix Memorial Chapels


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