Vina Morales for "Vina at 30"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's been 30 years since Ms. Vina Morales has joined show-business and it's about time she celebrates it with the people that she love, and those that have been instrumental in making her the success that she is today. She's going to have a concert this October 14, 2016 8PM at the KIA Theater and she's not holding back. She's going to make it worth your time from the moment she opens the show until it ends with guests and co performers that you'll also love!

"Vina at 30" is her way of giving thanks, she wants it to be fun and she wants all that love her to be there. Vina says "I did showgirl years back and had Georcelle choreograph that. I'll be doing a prod with Gary, the cute Ogie Alcasid, some light songs with Daniel Padilla, and my family Shaina and Ceana. I will also have Robin Padilla, it was hard to make him say yes and our supporters would love that. Robin and I are thankful that despite of our own respective lives, we have that kilig for the fans when we look at each other. 30 years personally has changed me a lot, in my career, I am so blessed and I make sure to give my best even if I have small roles, I still make them feel I work a lot for it. The time alone is an achievement, after the concert maybe I'll be promoting my album with Star Records. I'll also have concert tours in other countries and I'm looking forward to put up more businesses with my friends because there's a lot we want to do still. There are a lot of shows already in KIA Theater and I'm happy, fulfilled to have that and celebrate it with you.

"I am taken by Mark, I'm always wishing for the best with our relationship, I'm leaving it all to God and not force things, I'm always hoping for the best. I'm happy my friends are here, to make me feel who I am in these 30 years. If you want to work, love the people that you're with, you're going to stay in the business. Ceana can sing, but she's shy so I hope she gets over that."

She adds "I really wanted to sing, but never had channels to go to them. I sang in different provinces when I was a teen ager, I hope I had the chance to have that before I was discovered. There were no reality shows before. I probably have done a lot, i just hope this one would just have some twists so you always see something new. There are new artists that are great, like Sarah Geronimo, they're very talented now but the new ones really have to polish it. My secret is not really secret, it's the love for the craft, I learn from suggestions so I listen to people personal or career wise. You need to watch your attitude with co workers, if you turn diva you will never make it. I used to feel the times I were in Viva that the intrigues were really tough, I was affected then, but it's better now and I would just laugh at it because I thought those were already hard compared to what I am experiencing now."

"For 30 years I haven't been very showbiz or on intrigues just so they talk about me or use my name, I don't answer back or fight with anyone. When you do need to fight back, I just always wait for the right time and now I have a good lawyer for cases and those that will come. That's what give me courage especially my daughter."

October 14 will be a good night to celebrate, thanks to PLDT Home DSL, Ystilo Salon, San Miguel Corporation, Splash Corporation, Aficionado, Salu Restaurant, Chivs Lounge Bar, Bench, Nice Day Coffee, Ideal Vision and Philip Dizon Photography for making her concert Vina at 30 possible. You cab get tickets at DSL Events Production (02) 659 3474, (0918) 563781, (0933) 519 8118 or their website or Ticketnet at 9115555 It is Directed by Johnny Manahan and Choreographed by Teacher Georcelle of GFORCE.

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