Honda Philippines Launches CBR 150R

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Suzuki Mitsugishi welcomed us to the Honda Gen S Red Zone in BGC. He says "Our product, people and customers are important and we hope to continue to inspire more as the leader in the region. We are proud to launch the new sports bikes, it will be something that Filipinos would love to have. The race track is our testing ground and we won't put out something that doesn't pass that."

They added "The Gen S is for our customers that is more sporty and is looking for a more efficient motor. The joy of handling is what we look for in a bike, plus higher displacement, brute power, and be at a pocket friendly price. The ride can control engine power when needed, the CDR is improved maneuverability and styling. It's the weight reduction and mass centralization, strong but lightweight, reduced engine vibration and improved seat design, where you can get strong torque. The DOGC 6 speed engine is on a class leading performance, from low to mid and high end. It's also styled differently among other sports bikes."

Our motorbike sales in the Philippines has increased and we are at levels with India, Thailand and Indonesia. CBR150R is intended for the younger generation and Honda Philippines has been working hard to come out with new sports models to fit their lifestyle. It costs Php 150,000 (the black one), Php 152,000 (the red one) and Php 155,000 (for the orange one).

It's so nice I want one! It's a bit pricey but I think they've got installment plans for this. Just go to your friendly dealers today!

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