Shopee Holds 9.9 Sale Today!

Friday, September 09, 2016

If you haven't tried it yet, today might be a good time to download the Shopee app. I've already tried shopping from it a couple of months ago and didn't get any hitches at all. I also haggled a couple of times with the sellers and every time, they're pretty okay with it as long as the deal is fair. 

Today is the 9.9 Mobile Shopping day and they've got 90% OFF in amazing auctions. You must hurry though because there's only a few hours left. If you haven't checked out their Facebook page, they've been offering merchandise there from 9am and 9pm. This was all done during September 1 - 9 and people did bid on their featured items priced from Php 2,000 and above. If you use the Make an Offer button on the Shopee app, you can participate to buy items at an even special price. People have been enjoying the bidding war, I'm sure you would too. If you don't like that, then just ask your friendly merchant so they can take a couple of pesos off or get freebies on items app wide!

You can download the Shopee app on the App Store and Google Play Store today! Join thousands of shoppers, get tons of deals and be at peace even when you're at home!

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