Say "Ein Prost!" At The 78th Oktoberfest At Sofitel Manila

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gentlemen from The German Club Philippines and GM of Sofitel Manila Mr. Adam Laker (in suit).

There's no party when you're alone, but when you party with about 200 people merrymaking on top of tables and chairs with tons of food and beer, that's what you call OKTOBERFEST!

The German Club is celebrating their 78th Oktoberfest in Sofitel Manila and the most authentic one at that. In Munich, at 12 PM of the first Saturday of October, they start a ceremonial toast and they give the first pint to the Prime Minister of Bavaria. They did it too in Sofitel to start the ceremonies.

Sofitel's GM Adam Laker promises Germans and Filipinos will enjoy a full Bavarian Menu, tons of Sausages and Pork Knuckles, the best Saurkraut and each year it gets better. Different games, parties, it's also the people that gets this a larger crowd each year. No leather pants required but of course it's optional!

I even joined a game with contestants from the German community and press people, I won. I won last 2014 and didn't join 2015 (because I was too shy LOL), but it's good I got this one in the bag!
Fellow bloggers, writers from Manila's best magazines and influencers are all in attendance. I was already tipsy at this time from chugging a whole liter of beer for the Philippines haha!
This year's OKTOBERFEST will happen at Sofitel Manila's Harbor Tent on October 7 and 8! This is their 78th Year which only shows this has been a LONG tradition. You may book your tickets via email at You can also call (02) 894 2899. I assure you, this is one of the best parties, a legit Oktoberfest at that. Dance, drink all evening, enjoy the best Bavarian dishes, sausages, pretzels and the company of Germans who chose to work and live here in Manila and say EIN PROSIT!

To end this post, let me share my blogger friend Azrael's video of the event featuring me in the Beer Drinking Contest! Hahah don't judge!

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(P.S. All unlabeled photos in this article came from the German Club in Manila Philippines Facebook Page and not mine)

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