Klea Pineda Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Kleanatics

Thursday, September 29, 2016

She's statuesque, gorgeous, beautiful and smart. She's Klea Pineda, the Starstruck Ultimate Female Survivor. She also just celebrated her first year with her equally lovely fans, the Kleanatics. 

I asked her about a couple of things, but what struck me most was how she was quite eager to thank her fans. If it was spending time with them, getting to know them on a personal level, she didn't hesitate to do it because as she says "They have been with me since the very beginning. They were the ones who went and voted for me when I was just a person joining Starstruck back then and now that I have the chance to do this, I'll be here for them!".

She went and joined them in small activities, she also talked to them all and broke the ice by playing games and giving away prizes with the help of her family and a couple of her sponsors. It was nice to see her Mom, Dad and siblings preparing food and taking part in small chat to thank these guys who did something for them when Klea was just starting. It was fun because the fans took it as a chance to be close to Klea as they've weathered a lot of challenges, not just voting per se but even going the mile and defend her from bashers online. That's stuff of legends, but they lived with dedication and love for the Kapuso actress and this is just a small way of appreciating that.

Here's our short interview with her during the event:

Thank you Klea, Kleanatics, to your parents and GMA Artist Center for making this possible. It was nice watching you had fun that day. I'm sure this is just the start. At 17 years old, you surely are one promising star!

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