PABLO Opens First Store in the Philippines at Robinsons Place Manila

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I've been hearing raves about PABLO since last year when the name kept on being mentioned by bloggers from the Asian region. I've discovered to eat cheese tarts from a different brand last year and found it absolutely unbelievable. For cheese lovers like me, the mix of sweet, salty and the crunchy crust was just an ingenious way of enjoying lovely food in different forms. It was heavenly, like you want to close your eyes and let those small bites permeate on your tongue a little much longer as you internally try and smell it from the inside. PABLO is Cheese Tart Specialty store from Japan. Founded in 2011, it started as a section of an open concept kitchen from Patisserie Brothers (2008) that grew quickly with the help of their creativity plus their premier product the cheese tart.

Masamitsu Sakimoto, Founder and CEO of PABLO
Founder and CEO Masamitsu Sakimoto flew all the way from Japan for the momentous event. This is as he says; a chance for Filipinos to experience their new store concept to let them see freshly baked products whilst the process is happening right before their eyes.

Obviously PABLO came from the name of Pablo Picasso. They did this to coincide with their goal of making sure their audience (YOU) would feel the element of surprise and excitement through these lovely cheese tarts. This is the authentic PABLO experience and they want to make sure that what they're having in Japan would be the same thing you'll love in Manila or any place in the world. I gladly had my first taste of the mini versions of the famous cheese tarts. They call these the PABLO Mini Chocolate, the PABLO Mini Plain and the PABLO Mini Matcha.

The PABLO Mini Chocolate was good. Now I'm a huge fan of chocolates but this was more of a cheese cake rather than chocolate cake. The crust on all of them are perfectly baked. It's crunchy all throughout and it kinda crumbles in all the right moments when you bite into it. The actual cheese and chocolate mixture in the center was like Lava Cake which was cooked on the outside but gooey on the inside. It's not too sweet and you would still smell that hint of cheese still in it. That part was amazing.

The PABLO Mini Plain was just not so plain. It's the epitome of cheese, the thing that's salty and sweet, you could smell it from outside the store. This ladies and gentlemen is a piece of heaven. It's got a thin baked cheese crust on the outside, then the gooey cheese mixture in the center is just going to haunt you for days on end if you don't get a second serving. Don't believe the detractors who think lining up for these lovely cheese tarts isn't worth it because chances are, they're probably no cheese lovers to begin with. This is worth the trip to Manila and if you're asking why people are lining up for it, it's because IT IS GOOD.

For Matcha lovers, don't say I didn't tell you. This is the PABLO Mini Matcha. The Matcha flavor is not too overpowering. Again, this is more of a cheese cake rather than a blob of matcha on top of a crust. It's like that plain one on top with a hint of matcha on it. The specific thing I liked about it is that you could still distinguish that it is a cheese tart. You could smell both, even though it is topped with matcha powder, it won't spoil the whole experience. This came a close second.
The Freshly Baked Cheese Tart is the reason why they have been able to achieve success. If you don't go home with it, it's like watching an orchestra play without strings, it's like racing without wheels on, it's like going to a concert without performers. It's going to be pointless. If you would like to buy one of these, I think they've managed to limit the number of purchases per person. It's that good.

Aside from these awesome goodies, they've got Mille-Feuille (a variety of them), Sabrel (cookies), plus really good coffee inside the store. I'd still suggest you take em home instead of staying in the cheesecake looking store as it gets pretty packed from noon til night.

Don't take my word for it. Visit the store today or if you are willing to wait, they're planning to open some MORE stores in a couple of months. PABLO in the Philippines is managed and brought here by Suyen Corporation, the same people who owns Bench, other brands and specialty restaurants in the country. You'll love em cheesecakes here for sure!


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