Louise Delos Reyes Celebrates Birthday With Loving Fans

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The lovely actress from GMA's stable just celebrated her nth birthday. Louise Delos Reyes, star of afternoon soap Magkaibang Mundo (Different Worlds) and lovely new ambassador of GTW by SM (congrats!) wanted this year to be a little different and chose to celebrate it with her closest fans. She's been so blessed this year and her previous shows rated quite well for pinoy audiences so they did it in a local coffee shop that pretty much followed Louise's aesthetics.

If you look at her Instagram account, she's done some real good work curating every post so it would look clean, effervescent and what she feels is her mood. She's also fond of music, we've seen her go to music festivals, she's got love for everything pretty like clothes and shoes. She also puts a lot of work on her personal blog www.loudelosreyes.com but also mentions she might not be updating as much because she's got a lot of work right now. She doesn't want it to be half hearted entries, which is totally understandable. 

Here's our short interview with Louise before we started the program.

Louise will be working on future projects but they are still in the pipeline. You can also expect more travels from her because she's really excited to do it every time she's not doing anything or between projects. She schedules it with her handler and it's a good thing, she's spending a lot of time with the people she loves, and loves her back.

Happy birthday Louise! Thank you for being so nice and down to earth as always!


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