Carlo Aquino Preps for Liwanag in Concert

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Carlo Aquino is stretching his vocal chords this morning for another concert at the Music Museum. We were there during Matteo and his concert which was very successful, so this is really a good time to do another one. 

Carlo shares how he feels and says “Excited and thankful because this is real. It was once just talked about, there will be some numbers where I will be playing a guitar, maybe dance too. It is going to be a journey where I loved music, I might be singing old songs, it depends on Sir Louie if he can fit it in. I want some really new songs, Ben and Ben, stuff like that. I started with my Dad, he loves music and also sings. Beatles, old Karaoke hits, bands, so when I was a teenager it was doubly hard because I was a lefty. I usually write songs when I am sad so I gave a lot on my list but I hope we get 2 or 3 of them in the concert. I was also asked about doing a remake on Rico Blanco song, so I chose 2 of them, I ended up getting approval for one which is “Balisong” and I will have to thank him personally, very soon. I hope I could rehearse now, when you mention it I am already shaking. Right now I wish I could rehearse early, we will be meeting soon to finalize things. I have inputs because this is my journey, I have several albums and I hope I get a lot of my material there. We are trying to get guests but it depends on their availability. My second single is Balisong, a Soldier’s Heart has been in the trade launch last week, maybe Bagman season 2 for iWant. I have a lot on my plate. I hope I could get my cousin here, my parents too. Everyday is a good day and I am thankful for times I wake up, I only think of gratitude. I have a happy family, happy heart, I don’t mind the bashers, there’s a lot of love out there and you have so many reasons to be happy for. I am always in love! I am in love with life, I am inlove with work. You may go ahead and agree with it. August 31 at the Music Museum, I hope you guys be there and tell your friends about my birthday concert.” 

His director adds “I called it Liwanag so you can see him, in a new light, I hope that’s exactly what you will see in the concert.” 

This is produced by Hills and Dreams Concepts Co. For tickets you may get it from Ticketworld at 8919999 or 09777819540 (Hills and Dreams) or at the Music Museum ticketron 721 06 35. 

So there! 


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