OLX Starts Carousell PH Merge July 15

Saturday, July 06, 2019

It looks like OLX will cease to exist anymore as they merge operations with retail platform app Carousell this coming July 15, 2019. They have been asking permission to transfer accounts in the past few weeks but if users prefer to create new accounts, they can do that or just simply merge accounts if details are the same. Data is safe during this time and transactions will be done on the Carousell app once OLX becomes inaccessible in the coming days. But this is good news for people looking for bigger, better deals as they expand their active user base in the country. 

Raffy Montemayor GM of Carousell PH says “We are super grateful for your support all these years. OLX and Carousell has enormous potential in the Philippines and we have built strong, highly engaging platforms so we can help more Filipinos in the future. We have been working a lot on Carousell and on July 15, we will be migrating to the platform. Getting back from silicon valley, they thought about a platform that is simple and social. They won a hackathon and people got interested in their service. Carousell is now a big classifieds platform. We are already present in 6 markets including the Philippines and we have raised funds to expand in these markets. We are working on making our users find items easier. We also have searches by images rather than text, but we have a long way to go. There’s a lot of excitement over the time we have asked people to transfer to Carousell. We’ll have channels wherein you can post your complaints and we can come back to you in your chosen platform. We encourage our users to create new accounts or just simply allow to transfer accounts with their consent.” 

Property24’s Tina Bautista says “I am excited to tell you how his will help our property platform. It has been here since 2013 and is for serious brokers, agents and buyers. We have seen growth in the country, almost 3x than we started and the partnership of Property24, OLX and Carousell. Combining these will get the audience in one place, a more diverse audience because it will be cross posted as well. That’s exciting news!” 

Marita Galvez the Marketing Manager of Carousell PH says “I look after the community, I make sure it is happy and engaged. We have built a different ecommerce site which are different. In Carousell, Maine Mendoza has funded things for a good cause, Nehro sells gadgets as a side income, and Tere sells vintage clothing as her passion. All these stories are inside Carousell and it has been our mission to inspire, to make possibilities in and out the app. If you upload a photo, the AI knows what it is, so I could post this moisturizer I don’t need in 26 seconds. You can also chat inside the app, chat up of you need to ask questions. Review the user after the transaction. We also have groups, join in discussions if you need more recommendations. To move your OLX account, it will scan if you have an existing one and it will put them together. You can do that with a few clicks.” 

For those who would want to have the app, download it off iOS App Store or Google Play. Now with a larger audience, this will have the way for the company to grow. Can't wait to see how they make the company grow in the next few months, I guess they're going to be excessive with pressure but nothing that we can't handle. 

Congratulations on your success! I'll be trying this app now and have just installed it on my phone. I am already seeing cheaper prices and it could be more after OLX accounts come in.


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