Abby Clutario Releases "Chichi Wo Motomete" Cover Under Alt G Music

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Abby Clutario has just released her newest single, her rendition of Voltes V ending theme "Chichi Wo Motomete". Hers is a very mellow sounding one since she's using a Chapman stick which she has been using in her other singles. 

Abby says "I know there are tons of people still asking about it, hopefully I could teach a few people play it in the country. Back then when I talked to the founder, they wanted to put the actual instrument in a physical store, hopefully in the future since it is an investment. I don't teach music on the side and if they like it, they can invest the same way I did. Yes, I did have to push and have the song approved and they saw the video I made a couple months back. We had to tweak it a bit since it was originally sung by a male artist. The version in the episode is done by Matt, hopefully people can see this one especially on radio. I remember manifesting this a couple months back and I am very overwhelmed about the support I get from the AltG recording company, it was hard to find the ownership and license but it all went well especially now that Voltes V Legacy is being shown in the Philippines. I'm super happy when I released this as content a few years back, but the single is a different feeling hearing it air played, my friends really gave me good feedback. It was hard to do it in the original language and glad to see the translations during the time I was recording it. It's about a man longing to find his father and making this ballad was such a perfect fit. I know there are people who want a Tagalog version of it but it's very difficult as the words and phonetics are totally different because the meaning won't be completely told. I had to re-record it and you will see the difference when it comes out."

About the Chapman stick, she says "I've always been into piano but when I held it, it sounded like a Cielo, and I loved how that sounds. This originated in the US, and I got it from a US forum and had to learn it, planned to make it a solo performance when I was still in a band. Now I can make originals and cover songs, my tie ups always include using this relatively not so common instrument. So far, I've never encountered people who don't like it, there are some but it has never affected me, I don't really pay attention especially on social media because I'm a musician and people only ask about music in general."

This cover song by Abby Clutario will be released tomorrow July 7, 2023 on streaming platforms. Go check out Spotify and others to hear what changes she's made on this iconic song. This is again under AltG Records.


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