KIRAY CELIS, KUYA KIM Help Globe Warn Customers of SIM REGISTRATION Deadline

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Just got out of the press conference of the Globe Sim Registration ads as they announced the celebrities that are going to be in it. In previous ones, they had Gretchen Fullido, Edu Manzano, Sophie Reyes, Gillian Vicencio (Globe of Good Ambassador), among others.

For those who don't know, if you haven't registered your sim card, it will be deactivated and also cannot be used with your GCash transactions. This will be a really big problem if you are doing transactions, when you don't get to register, it will be gone forever.

Liza Reyes the Head of Globe's Media Strategies hosted the event. Ms. Yoly Crisanto, Globe's Corporate Communications Group Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer says "Thank you for being here, we are now down to 5 last days of sim registration in the country. Why are we doing a presscon? This is last ditch effort for our customers to really register your sim cards, there will be no extensions after July 25. This is important because your SIM will be deactivated when you don't register it on that date. We thank the government offices for helping us in those extensions, but we only have over 47.4 Million customers that have registered, that's about 97 percent of our active base. We are happy about the extension, especially after the turnout. We are now just after those who have not been able to register yet, those who are waiting for the last day, we don't want you to be disenfranchised. This isn't a joke, you can no longer use your phone service, otherwise, you have to buy a new sim and register that too. In our research, some of our countrymen are not aware of the deadline, we need to make everyone aware that they get to register phones, tablets, modems, all of it should be registered. We have the portal, gcash, Globe One app and a lot of other things done in the past few months containing the instructions, we also have the Globe stores available for those who want to have their sims registered. I hope this urges everyone to register now."

Then the new ambassadors from Globe who will be pushing for the registrations was also announced. They are Kiray Celis and Kuya Kim Atienza. You can go the Globe One app, or the website to start the process. Remember, they won't be extending anymore.

Kiray Celis says "I am the real one, not the fake retouched one. If ever there will be something that would get me more height, I think that's better. I am happy that I am part of this extraordinary campaign. If someone steals your account, you won't be able to prove your identitiy because you didn't register your account. Use your student ID's if you are still a student, just use your Globe One app or the mentioned website earlier to register your sim. Thank you Globe for helping making socials a safe space, I am ready for your questions. See you later!"

She adds "By the way, for those who have seniors or people who don't know how to access the internet at home, please help them to register their sim cards because it's important. We cannot just leave them behind, they need it too to contact family, friends."

Kuya Kim says "There was an identity theft that I experienced in the past, I really wanted to emphasize how you need to have your digital identity be tied up with your mobile phone number. I hope Globe continues to get people to register their numbers with Globe, TM, Globe At Home Devices, time to #SIMRegNaTayo!"

Givielle Florida of Globe Prepaid says "Globe has registered 47.4 Million customers as of July 19th. This is a collaborative effort of their partners, the government, bulk registrations for corporatet clients and those that need help in Globe stores. In order to intensify the campaign, they are opening their 800 centers nationwide. The importance of sim registration also means they are working with GCash in financial inclusion, you are reminded to register today not for compliance, but for you to have safe access to records today. Here's a bigger, brighter digital space for everyone!"

I guess it's clear, not to really scare you, but if you will not register your sim cards, there will be repercussions and we wouldn't want to do that right? Remember, it will only be until July 25, 2023. No more excuses after that!


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