LG Celebrates 10 Years of OLED

Thursday, July 13, 2023

LG is celebrating their milestones especially the LG OLED TV. It's been a standard, and with good reason because they're the best in this technology. Back then, it wasn't common to see Organic Light Emitting Diode on TV screens but today, the same tech has changed the landscape of not just theirs, but every company that comes out with their own TV screen, all because they have pushed for its innovation.

Today, they've got LG OLED evo that has got a Brightness Booster, an a9 Gen5 AI Processor so you see those pixels with unbeatable clarity. Thing turns off on screen so those blacks are now deeper, but colors still remain rich and vibrant, something that you probably have never seen before on TV.

A history lesson ensued, they displayed generations of their OLED TV's from the beginning HD to now their OLED evo.

Gaming on it even has it's own setting, to enhance not just experience, but latency and better framerates

Some sets even had close to no gaps at the back, so you're basically looking at something that could depict artwork to change the feel of a space. That was nice!
They used a PS5 without a speaker attached, but it sounded quite nice. It's also Dolby Atmos ready, so for acoustic freaks, this would be satisfying.

They utilize their own LG WebOS 23 that's got apps, quick cards, easily accessible through the clicker that comes with the OLED TV from LG.
It's also got HDR like quality visuals, those textures would come quite handy in some games you need to play.

In a studio setting, you can teach KPOP moves with ease. It's also got multi screens if you need to look at materials and see yourself at the same time.

Shortcuts to use if your favorite team has a game, or use it to follow them if you miss one.

The brightest because the pixels light up independently.

LG Executives, several celebrities like Enrique Gil, Michelle Dee and Dominic Roque were in attendance, no interviews but just seeing them was precious!

It was certainly a good thing that they also did this in the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines where some got to dress up in cultural garbs like Hanboks and Jeogori. Thank you for the fun event LG! Congratulations and I fervently hope you'll continue to innovate, perhaps introduce new ones in the coming years. Real progress! Cheers!


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