Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation Celebrates Iconic 17th Anniversary

Saturday, July 29, 2023

It was a huge celebration last Wednesday, July 26th at the Metrotent in Pasig City as our friends from Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation celebrated their 17th Anniversary. It also coincided with the birthday of it's founder Ms. Rosell Taberna. For those who don't know, Outbox Media Production is a full service events and production company that does creative work, commercials, management of events, supply performers/talents, and does marketing and advertising solutions too. This was somewhat a showcase of what they could do and it was certainly cool that they had a concept ready, much of which is about ICONS.

Guests include a lot of their clientele, like private companies, private individuals, suppliers, brands, government offices, the media, a lot of their employees (Taberna Group of Companies) and a lot of their friends and family.  

Aside from that, they had guest from their church, and celebrities like Alfred Vargas, Rr Enriquez, Elijah Alejo, Esang, Charie Pineda, Diane Medina, Lala Sotto, Kathleen Hermosa, Ms. Ara Mina, and Jon Lucas.

Popular coffee/bake shop/restaurant "Ka Tunying's" is also celebrating their 8th year in the business. Despite a really challenging pandemic period, they managed to recoup the branches they lost (about 5) during that period. They now have a total of 7 branches in operation and quite happy about the current business conditions. They remain bullish despite it all.

Anthony Taberna also has a new digital news program which will start this August. Since a lot of his viewers prefer his live streams, this will be called "Tune In Kay Ka Tunying Live!" which will be seen bi monthly (on the 15th and 30th). It's going to be a rundown of the latest news that happened during that time period. You will be able to see it for a full hour (at 5PM before your primetime newscast on TV channels) so make sure you subscribe on his YouTube channel. Ka Tunying says "I'm really excited about this show because aside from current events, we'll be featuring people in stories along with the show. I plan to talk to business leaders, and it will be called "All Access", so you have a hand and learn about their stories on how they have succeeded in their line of business. We will also be featuring places, to help with tourism, plus several interviews with personalities which we will include on the show. One of the planned segments will be in a magazine format, to compress what we shoot in a week in about 10 minutes, so it's really difficult to shoot and produce. We have invested a lot, our own studio to make this all happen."

Here's our interview with Mr. and Mrs. T.

Mr. Anthony Taberna also lauded his wife on how she was able to do all these things, including managing and producing the show. Truth be told, she's like a workhorse, they even find her working in the wee hours of the morning. He says "I declare my admiration and love for her, on her work ethics, I just hope she takes good care of her health." Ms. Rosell replied "I've had a huge long break during the pandemic, and we're just working hard now that things are getting back to normal. Our kids are good, and happy, we are celebrating as one, we are all happy!"

Congratulations to Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation and the Taberna Group of Companies. Again, make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel so you don't miss an episodes when it comes out!


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