URATEX Celebrates 55th Year with World Record and Meaningful CSR Efforts

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Uratex Philippines just celebrated their 55th Anniversary by breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest Human Mattress Domino. The fun didn't end there as it was part of their CSR initiatives. Those 2,355 mattresses actually went somewhere after the event, particularly to different charity organizations in different parts of the country.

Their CEO and President Mrs. Naty Cheng mentioned "We've already given to 40 charity institutions during our 40th and 50th year, we've checked and saw that their mattresses were still in good condition. We opted to give even more to a different set of foundations so we could continue to help others."

The beneficiaries include actual orphanages, community hospitals, Muslim communities, homes for the elderly, non profit organizations and those who are in need. This also made them help in different locations like Cebu, Agusan, CDO, Batangas, Metro Manila and nearby cities. They provided to those who need it most as it aligns with their corporate values. Their founder Robert Cheng always reminded them to not stop til they get every Pinoy a comfy and affordable mattress. Wouldn't that be a nice future?

Recipients also were quick to thank the corp for going above and beyond of just being a business. Some of them conveyed how grateful they are that they wouldn't have to sleep on the ground because they got the mattresses now. That I think is even more meaningful than the world record, and certainly a good way to celebrate their 55th year!


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