MMFF 2023 Entry "KAMPON" Starts Unusual Scaring on December 25th

Monday, December 11, 2023

MMFF is certainly a venue to watch a multitude of genres, and with that comes Quantum Films' entry called KAMPON starring Derek Ramsay and Beauty Gonzales, will be shown this Christmas day along with 9 other entries in the festival. The movie is about the depths of love, divulging secrets and fear brought about the unknown. They're a couple, "reproductively" challenged and was trying to conceive for over 8 years. A child suddenly appears and claims to be Clark Martinez's (played by Derek) daughter. The material has been in worked on for years, and has been so good to have landed the 4th during selections, so they meticulously worked on cinematography, scoring and it's effects, you'll love how it will look like in cinemas. This is the first time Beauty Gonzalez is doing MMFF 2023, and the addition of Zeinab Harake to the cast will get this a fresh take on just your usual other woman role. It was fun to see her talk about her character after the press conference. 

Derek says "We never seemed to have problems on the set, Atty. Joji doesn't sugarcoat things, and I like that. If she doesn't like what you're doing, she will tell you and call it out. When she is happy, she tells so and encourages us."

Asked about his personal life he says "Right now me and my wife are also trying to conceive a baby, so I need to really be hands on in taking care of the wife and hopefully a baby. We will focus on that and try, sad we lost the baby on a trip in Spain. She is okay, I am a little off, I just worry."

About Zeinab, Derek adds "Zeinab? I couldn't believe she was a first timer, she went straight to character and she delivered in our scene, we had to bite lips, slam me on the wall."

Beauty says "They really take good care of me and we did scenes as fast as we could so there wouldn't be discomfort for both of us. You can ask my husband or Ellen, we laugh about these things."

Here's our video coverage of the media conference this afternoon.

Being part of the first 4 films announced this MMFF 2023, Atty. Joji of Quantum Films knows that they have a really good film in their hand. They are now going to battle it out with 9 other entries in the festival, but with confidence, they hope to offer this project that has been made with quality in mind. It has already been part of a film festival in Portugal, which they also proudly announced during the press conference. This is also somewhat a comeback film of Derek Ramsay who said he couldn't say NO when it's Atty. Joji asking him to make a movie. I also find Zeinab's character quite an interesting one, albeit her first time in a project like this, she got the nod of her fellow actors. Beauty as always delivers, the interaction between her, the kid Erin Espiritu and Derek Ramsay would be a fun way to showcase their acting chops, perhaps win them a coveted Best Actor, Actress, or Child Star award in the process. Make sure you make this as part of your movie watching lineup this Christmas. 

 It just screams good, hopefully you'll end up doing that too. 


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