Marites Allen: Letting it Be, Letting it Go in the Year of Wood Dragon

Saturday, December 02, 2023

It's almost 2024, and yes, we're raring to know what would happen to us in the Year of the Wood Dragon. In Chinese Zodiac, Dragons have the innate ability to lead, yes they are born leadeers. If you're raring to get a kid these days, this is the opportune time to do it. Dragons are also diplomatic, but they can be very funny if needed too. They have the ability to do good in business, they also don't hold back giving, the generous ones get the perks.The Queen of Feng Shui Ms. Marites Allen gave us a few things to look forward to in the Year of the Wood Dragon.

The essentials of course are all in the Almanac and Planner that they have available for 2024. It's a collectible, hopefully will have value in the near future. They also announced the Feng Shui Conference on January 14, 2024. There will also be a Chinese New Year Bazaar on February 7-9 plus more activities on February 9 as we countdown to the Year of the Wood Dragon. Here's our video coverage of the event last month, this is the media conference and launch of the books!

Dogs need to be careful especially in relationships, while Monkey Dragon and Roosters need Communication for the year but before that, make sure you do something for yourself. Risk taking and technology based businesses will be better for you. Rats on the other hand need to enhance their wealth, go get charms that would be able to help you with that. Tigers have to be open to receive abundance and miracles for the same year. For the Rabbits, this is a year of transformation so go change up when you desire it. Snakes need to be careful as illness might come. Monkeys have vibrant energy to spend, so does the Roosters. Dogs need to also change up, like jobs, looks and even your bedrooms. Horses might have a great year of wealth last year, but this year you need to enhance it. Other details will be on the books they will release for this year.


 Her son Kirk Allen also introduced us to an AR feature on these books. You can scan it with the Marites Allen app and an egg will appear. It's like Pokemon, and will crack on Chinese New Year, so I'm looking forward to what it'll look like on February. There are tons more to look forward to, so make sure you get tickets to the event especially on the Feng Shui conference where things will be explained in detail. Charms and books will also be available in those events, make sure you're there!

 I'd like to take this bit and thank Ms. Marites Allen and their team for having us that afternoon. It's a nice way to see peers in the industry, and friends too. Can't wait to see what's going to happen in the Feng Shui Convention come 2024! 

Yes, it's going to be a year of letting it be, and letting it go, what or who do you have in mind that need to do this?


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