Broken Hearts Trip: Funny with a Chance of Cry

Monday, December 18, 2023

Just got off the cinema for the film Broken Hearts Trip, an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023 of BMC Films and Smart Films. This is their red carpet premiere, so the cast trooped to the Gateway Cineplex and walked with celebrity guests, media and online entities.

To tell you honestly, I got the notion that this was going to be greatly comedy content. The ensemble cast names already asked for that, but no, this is not the usual slapstick flick. As you saw in the trailers, this is a full blown reality game show aimed to change the lives of different LGBTQIA++ folks from different backgrounds. From auditions, actual game and eliminations, they all go through challenges and try to win money to change their lives. That's also where most of it is going to be crazy.

I would go to lengths and admit that I've had several bouts of tears in my eyes watching this, but I would give it to Petite Brockovich who plays Mark. Her character was quite stellar in the first half, and even though she possesses a ton and a half of funny bones, her dramatic moments hit me like a ton of bricks when her plot gets divulged. Her partner in the movie is equally intense, it's like a boiling pot waiting to spill over. It's something I felt a connection with, and you've got Teejay Marquez, Marvin Yap, Ms. Iyah Mina and Direk Andoy Ranay to choose from. Chances are, you'll feel like one of them during your watch. Everyone's eyes will get wet in one scene or another, because I saw a few people beside me cry too but with the character of Direk, Iya Mina and Teejay instead (though they'll never admit wiping it off in the dark lol). Here's our coverage at the red carpet on video!

 This might get them a chance to win ensemble award or even best supporting actress. It's not a dud, they're definitely a contender with what I saw earlier. It's got fun, laughter, very relatable characters and you'll get to learn not to judge people. After all, you don't know what they've been through. You don't need to walk in their shoes, but just have heart when you need to. Their support cast delivered too, a good platform to showcase how they didn't shortchange acting prowess in this project. I got a little sad about Christian Bables feeling a little afraid that this might not do well in the box office (which he mentioned after the movie, maybe he looked around on promos), but I beg to differ. It's PG, a place where even kids with parents or guardians could watch. Hopefully, people get to see this for its credits. It's quirkiness is it's selling point, a good LGBTQIA film made to realize that they could be anyone of you.  

The film may have been a huge surprise to be included in the list of entries, but I think I know why after watching the film. This has a lot of components in it, which may lead you frantically finding funny, but instead give you something even more than that... it has HEART.

Congratulations to the cast and the creators! You made me cry.  


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