Differently Executed: John Woo's SILENT NIGHT in PH Theaters on the 29th

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Nathan Studios has a gem up their sleeve with this new PH released John Woo movie called Silent Night. It's an action packed film, created quite differently than usual ones because of how it's made, as it's suggests, it's all silent.  John Woo gleefully placed his different action ballet shots, that will surely be loved by action fans in the Philippines, and worldwide. I'm sure your Dad, Tito, Kuya would need a break from the usual romcom in cinemas and give this a few hours to watch with the whole family. 

You'll be amazed at how this story of a man out for vengeance for his child will be told. Right at the start, the story gives you the feeling that it has heart. The usual suburb Mom and Dad playing in the yard with their son. Yes, the scenes always had family involved. Gang wars erupt, and one gets hit in the crossfire. He starts his long grueling time to recover, train and realize what he's up against. You'll feel the agony on screen in the first few minutes. With his wife also worried about him, he suffered further and became a drunkard staring mostly on what his son had left in his room, the memories and pain he felt was just insurmountable. This caused a rift with his wife, and everyone else in his life. He took off and sought the gang members one by one, and doesn't hold back.

If you're a gamer, the events in this movie reminds me so much of GTA5. It's got firepower, the goons, the gangs, and the fun starts with a huge car chase in the streets. Think of it as your dream sequence where you hold the armaments, where you think of gruesome ways to eliminate the bad guys til the end of the movie. The drama was quite minimal, aimed to only solidify the story's plot and wouldn't ruin the action scenes that John Woo wanted you to see from the very beginning, I'd say this is a showcase of his genius.

If your thirsty for action, make sure to make this part of your movie watching session on the 29th. Yes there are a couple of movies coming out on that date, but if you have the time, you SHOULD see this. After all, it's been a while since the last time John Woo released a film. Thanks to Nathan Studios, you've got the chance to watch it in the Philippines. Actually, they have a few more lined up in the pipeline and each of them are quite different theme wise. It's quite a refreshing thing to see that we have choices in the cinemas now. I can't wait to see the other films that Nathan Studios still have for next year!


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