Look Cool in School as BUM Launches Second Collection of Academy Series

Saturday, November 18, 2023

If there's something that I could tell about BUM, is that they have CHOICES. Recently, they launched the 2nd Academy Series Collection. You could say they've evolved a long way than just being street wear, because as you can see, it has become a good way to express one's personality. The recent one is varsity inspired, hence very preppy, but never the same. They remain different than the usual which is something a person who wants individuality to have in their wardrobe.

Some of the pieces also exude something urban, one which you can wear off the streets and now with colors, mixed with modern and vintage vibes. Imagine wearing these pieces while you're at school, with confidence, and still remain cool. You can also wear this off a usual stroll in the mall, if you are with friends because it's a good thing to be in good gear.

The buck doesn't stop there because there's more to see at BUM stores and boutiques nationwide. Go head on and build your wardrobe from scratch or use new pieces and mix it up with your current ones in the closet. It doesn't need to be expensive, so make sure you choose key pieces that will up your street fashion game today! 

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