Of Antioxidants and Great Skin

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I’ve been called names, bullied when I was a kid because of my skin color. You see, I go out a lot and play outdoors. It’s like second nature for me, where I could have fun with friends or sometimes, alone - and I don’t really mind.

My skin has had mishaps here and there, a slight bout with burns, the teenage laden with acne, but I always go back to the basics to heal them all with the nicest moisturizer I could ever find, drinking water inside and out. I don’t complain much nowadays because at this age (which we will fervently hold secret), my skin is still worry free, amazing compared to my compadres who either look like a sunbathed prune or an old hag (and we’re not even joking). I believe skin being the largest organ of the human body deserves much nourishment early on so you wouldn’t age as much, still look a whole lotta younger looking than what you really are in the Roman calendar. I’ve taken a whole alphabet worth of Vitamins and minerals from various sources. I even took antioxidant rich food and listened to experts say what’s good and not. I even resorted to taking SnowCaps because I saw how good Alden Richards look like on screen or even when I’m interviewing him. I envy people who glow even during daytime, and I think it’s the L-Glutathione content that makes this happen. Now don’t get me wrong, I love how brown I look sometimes but I feel a little more good looking if my Spanish blood shows a bit when I’m a bit lighter skinned. I also don’t have to deal with dark spots here and there (even on intimate areas), plus I feel it makes me sleep better - I haven’t had the usual headaches in the morning which more likely happens when I’m high blood (or not). If my day starts right, it’ll roll like an avalanche and get the rest of my work day, it becomes easy and I go around the metro for events, go back to my family then have fun all over again because I never feel uneasy. I take it once a day together with the other vitamins I take regularly and I still get complements til now I that I look like I’m still in my late 20’s. I take that as a complement of course.

If I get my antioxidants right and get this whitening thing as a side effect, why in the world should I not continue to do it right? I might have spent a whole month out of the country, visited local beaches here and there, but I never get tired either because I have small things in my pocket that can help me take things easy.

Good thing Snow Caps only cost Php 1,495 a box which has around 30 tablets. It is affordable and FDA approved, which says a ton about its safety. It’s available in leading drug stores and is manufactured by Vida Nutriscience. Now what’s stopping you from making yourself look younger and have fairer looking skin? It might need a whole village, but you’ve got to start somewhere right?

You know what to do!


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